A Fantasy Within a Fantasy

A Fantasy Within a Fantasy

I was hyper and being random soooooooooooooooo I wrote this. :) Enjoy!!! Comment and rate please<3 Love ya all!!

BTW this is for entertainment ONLY, so yeah. And no copyright intended!

Chapter 1


One day Bella and Edward had a fight. Over which ice cream Nessie should have for dessert.

"Look, Eddy, I know which ice cream is better. Seriously, if you can't remember, I was the more recent human!" Bella argued.

"Yeah, well if you were smart, you'd realize vanilla was better than chocolate!"

"Oh, really, now? And how would you know? Ice cream isn't exactly on your menu!"

"Mom! Da-" Nessie tried to cut in.

"This has nothing to do with you, Nessie, go eat some ice cream or something!" Nessie rolled her eyes and went to the freezer. They could be so clueless at times. Especially when it came to her favorite dessert! She loved strawberry! Not vanilla or chocolate! They were always so difficult...

After another fifteen minutes of hearing them argue they finally stopped and sighed angrily and came over to Nessie. "Which kind do you like the best, sweetie?" Edward asked throwing his hands in the air showing his horribly hairy armpits.

Nessie put on a disgusted face and gestured to the carton of ice cream she was eating out of. "If you would have listened, I would have told you strawberry, but apparentally you two aren't very good at that even though you have super hearing! You guys can be so stupid..."

"So what should we do now that you decided upon strawberry?"

"We should go watch Yo Gabba Gabba!"

"Oh my gosh! Yes!!!" Screamed Edward.

After that was done the trio went into the kitchen. "Let's go dancing in the forest!" Nessie said.

"Yeah!" Agreed Bella and Edward.

So they went and danced. For about ten seconds before they all slipped on the wet grass and landed in the dark, gross mud. Or was it mud?!?! Suspicion...

"This is all your fault Bella! You and your stupid stupidity!"


"No! It's over. We're over. Goodbye forever!" He yelled and was about to run off but then added "there's a super duck in the basement that will protect you from your beastly mother, Nessie. Take care."

"Hmm... Oh well. I'm gonna go check out that duck, see ya, mom!" Nessie called running off back to her house.

Bella just stared blankly as her now ex-husband left her life. Then I popped in. "Hi, Bella!"

"Who are you?"

"I'm Shelly and I'm here to make sure you get a message to a friend of mine okay? You tell the reaper that I said hi."

"Huh?" She asked.

Then I killed Bella. It was actually pretty easy... I have no idea why they act as if they're all macho tough in the movies and books, she wasn't at all. Hmm... next off is Harry Potter world I guess... Maybe I'll get to meet Voldemort!

"Pink fluffy unicorn, away!" I yelled riding a magical unicorn. "Until we meet again, eat some corn!"

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