Hold Me In Your Arms ( Jacob Black )

Hold Me In Your Arms ( Jacob Black )

Hi guys .. this is a story about jacob black .. I hope you like it and enjoy it .. plz dont forget to comment and rate .. feel free to ask anything.. * PS I need 5 new comments for each chapter *

Chapter 1

My past

Anastasia Williams is a 16 years old girl ... she is skinny ... has light blonde hair ... she has a very white skin .... she has bluish green eyes ...... she is 5'3 ...

Anastasia might seem like a normal girl who is extremely beautiful ... but she is actually not that normal .. she doesn't age ... she was born in a different era ... she has been alive over 10 thousand years... she spent all of her life hiding and fighting people who knew about her and wanted to kill her ("I'm gonna stop right here because I don't want to give too much away from the beginning" )


chapter 1 ( my past )
I've lived in darkness all alone for such a long time .. that I forgot how to talk to people ... A very long time ago exactly 10 thousand years ago a few scientists decided to make experiments on children to make them immortal ... so to find children they went to a number of poor families who had healthy children .. and they offered to each family a home with food and clothes to make parents give them one of their children instead .. some families accepted and some didn't .. unfortunately I was one of the children whose parent exchanged them for what the scientists offered .. before experiments started the scientists were able to collect over a 100 child from ages 2 - 5 .. I was 2 years old when I came to the place where the held us ... they put us in a large house in the mountains where nobody else lived ... the house was extremely large .. it had 5 floors .. the first floor was where the scientists gathered to make decision and potions or whatever the things we used to drink .. the 2nd floor had rooms for the children they experimented on ..the rooms were made of glass so they can watch everything that happens to the children ... the 3rd and the 4th had our bedrooms .. which wasn't exactly bedrooms it was only 100 beds lined close together .. the 5th floor was a huge cafeteria and bathrooms for us ...

well scientist had problems with the experiment .. first they couldn't get our bodies to cope with the potion so a lot of us died within the first months of taking the potion .. you see , the scientist give us to drink the immortality potion once every three months .. well at least for the children who survived .. Within the first year we went down from 100 to 62 child ... so the scientists decided to gather another 100 child ... and that's how things rolled by .. Every year they bring 100 child to work on .. it used to be very sad when one of us died because we considered ourselves as a one big family since we never got out of the house or talked to anyone else ... but after a while we stopped being sad because we knew it is a relief for the person who dies ... because as soon as we drink the potion , we are put in the 2nd floor in the glassy rooms where we suffered for days from the potion as some of us threw up blood while some of us chocked to death while some screamed all night long from the pain and most of us were shaking like hell .. and the worst part was being able to see one of us falling down to the ground dead ...

Anyways .. after 5 years from the 100 first children that came only 23 of us were alive .. but the children in the house were over 200 now and the oldest ones were us : me a 7 years old girl ..and a two 7 years old male twins Edward and Henry .. and my best friend Kathrine who was 7 years old too... after 8 years I was fifteen years old and me and Kathrine were the oldest girls in the house the rest of the first 100 child died and the rest of the children in the house were under 9 years old ... the scientist rarely talked to us but once me and Kathrine turned fifteen they took the two of us alone and told us that we have only 6 potions to take to become immortals ... anyway we still considered ourselves as a big family and the rest considered us their sisters or even mothers if they were that young .. me and Kathrine were used to this life and we thought that there was no other way of living ... we taught the kids not to be afraid and not to be too sad if one of us died because they are the lucky ones not us ..
After 11 months me and Kathrine were sitting to a table eating our food while telling stories to children ...while we were talking and laughing Kathrine suddenly froze and fell to the ground... and then she started shaking and throwing up blood .... I sat on the ground and rested her head in my lap .. all I was thinking was that I can't lose her .. I screamed and called the doctors... then Kathrine looked at me and said "please don't leave me alone "and I said " I wont ..don"t worry we will get through this together " wiping the blood away from her face .. the doctors took her away from my hands trying to save her ... after 30 minutes nothing new happened except the floor was covered in more blood ..I looked at Kathrine her breathing got heavier and she told me to come near her .. so I went to her and held her hands ... she tried to say something but nothing came out ...so I leaned closer to her head and then she said " promise me that u will leave .. that u won't stay in this place .. promise me u won't forget about me .. You are my sister I love you so much "..her voice was nothing more than a whisper .. "Promise me !! " she said .." I promise ...and I love you too "I said ...and like that the only person in the world who understood me was gone .. and from that day I became all alone ...
After 7 months I took my last potion .. the doctors and scientists took me into one of the glassy rooms and watched me while I suffered for days and then everything became darker ...I woke up after 2 days ...I felt different ...I felt power running through my veins ...I was strong and I knew it ...after 2 weeks of being immortal the doctors made it clear that I'm not going anywhere soon until all the children changed into immortals ...I had to wait for at least 10 years and the chances of another child becoming immortal were very rare because no one could cope with the potion I was the only one who could But I knew that I had to leave ...I promised Kathrine that I will ... and I was going to keep that promise ...
One day I woke up in the middle of the night ...only 2 doctors and 2 scientists were awake ...I got up and went down from the fourth floor until I reached the first floor ... I broke the chains that were on the door and then I opened the door to see the 2 doctors and the 2 scientists discussing something .. they noticed me when I opened the door so they got up to stop me but I was faster and stronger than all of them .. I pushed and kicked and fought for my freedom until I got out of the door and I ran as fast as I could for 2 hours ... then I hid in a cave that was in the near mountains .. I stayed in there for 6 hours until I heard noises coming from the opposite mountain ....at that moment I noticed that I wasn't only stronger than any person alive but also my senses became very strong and sensitive ... and with that I and started running away hiding from these scientists and doctors ..
For almost two years I learned how to fight and created many weapons to use .. you see .. I wasn't going to let these scientists kill more kids so I decided to kill all of them ...and for almost 4 years I managed to kill most of the scientists and doctors but they knew what I was doing after I killed the fifth doctor .. anyway the scientists and the doctors made my job harder after they figured out what I was doing .. they told their sons about me and told them to try to capture me and to continue to make experiments on children ... so after 6 years I was able to kill every scientist and every doctor including their children that tried to kill me ... but I knew that there were some people who knew about me but were too afraid to kill me ... and after a 20 years parents told their children stories about the immortal girl before they went to sleep .. you see .. I became a mythical creature ... because each generation told their children about me .. my life was nothing but a story ..

After I killed the scientists and the doctors I set all of the children free and I knew that now I was safe ..but even after that I couldn't live normally because for almost 30 years I focused on killing only and I never talked to any person .. and years later I was busy with fighting creatures such as vampires , shape shifters , witches , gargoyles, , dragons (which are very rare by the way ) , and many other creatures ..

I lived for more than 10 thousand years alone fighting .. so for the first time in my long long life I decided to settle in one place and the place was called la push ...

TBC ...

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