30 Things That Make My Day

I just thought I'd make a list of all the wonderful things that make my day better. In no exact order. Read and enjoy! ...Or don't. Tell me what you think in the comments!

Chapter 1


1. Running up and down hotel hallways

2. Your friends telling you they love you

3. Getting grass stains because nothing says "I just had an awesome time being outside." like bright green smears across your clothes

4. Ordering an eight-count chicken nugget meal at Chic-fil-A and getting nine nuggets

5. Getting compliments from strangers

6. Finding money in your pockets

7. Waiters and waitresses who bring refills without asking

8. thinking of a great comeback right on the spot

9. The other side of the pillow

10. When the vending machine accidently gives you two things

11. wearing clothes right out of the dryer

12. Real-bearded Santas

13. Building a giant stack of pancakes like a tower

14. Getting hugs from people

15. Strategic Trick-orTreating

16. The first shower you take after not showering for a really long time

17. Splashing someone by the pool with a cannonball

18. Hoodies. Need I say more?

19. Trading candy with your friends after trick-or-treating (You all know that this is some serious business)

20. Chugging cold milk after a really big piece of chocolate cake

21. When one of your drawing or school tests makes it onto the fridge

22. Eating a taco without anything falling out

23. When it's sunny and raining at the same time

24. When your hair does EXACTLY what you want it to

25. When little kids give you artwork

26. When you find the spot on the dog that makes its leg go crazy

27. Finally figuring out how the hotel shower works after messing with it forever

28. Watching the Christmas episode of your favorite TV show in the completely wrong month

29. When you hit that point in a really good book where you can't stop reading.

30. When everyone you're having dinner with at the restaurant tells you that you made the best choice

Well, those are just some minor things in life to be happy about. Tell me in the comments if i should make more things like this, make another one of these, ect.

See you next time on whatever it is that I do here.
Same Bat-time!
Same Bat-channel!
...ok, it sounded cooler in my head.


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