10 Reasons Why Females Are Superior To Males

WARNING: This is a joke; I am in no way a chauvinist against men. Sure, I make a few sexist jokes about them sometimes, but men do the same to women. Whatever you do, just don't take this seriously if you happen to have something dangling between your legs. You're special too, even if you have got your head full of cotton wool... Kidding, kidding! whistles >;D


Chapter 1

10 Reasons Why Females Are Superior To Males

Yes womenz, we've known it for a long time, but now we have 10 very good reasons why us girls really do Run The World! Beyonce song plays

Hit it!

Reason 1. FACT: Females are better at multitasking, they can literally do 3 things at once without failing miserably. While a man's idea of multitasking is probably reading the newspaper while sitting on the toilet...

Reason 2. FACT: Women are better drivers than men, yup, you heard me! Some women don’t feel the need to ask for directions. They have some inert ability to find their way easily through traffic, a rocky terrain or a highway. And in a survey according to BTA Auto insurance, it is men between the ages of 18 to 24 who are most likely to cause car crashes and a staggering 80% of car crashes are caused by male drivers.

Reason 3. FACT: Women are better at communicating than men. While a man's average vocabulary consists of: "beep, Ok, beep, See ya, beep, Hi and beep", women know how to strike up conversations easily.

Reason 4. FACT: Women can get taxis/cabs easier. Why? Cause what kind of taxi driver would really want to let some ugly old man into his car when there's a cute girl across the road waving at him? ...Okay, that just sounded totally p3rv3rted...

Reason 5. FACT: Women are much better at remembering dates than men. So next time your brother forgets your birthday, don't worry, it's just because men aren't programed to remember dates as well as women. ;D

Reason 6. *PROBABLY FACT (not so sure about this one, but an expert doctor was talking about it so...): In the womb, all fetuses start out as females, this goes for most animals as well. It isn't long before the gender of the genderless fetes is decided and it starts growing the appropriate parts for its gender, but get this, THIS is the reason why men have nippl3s, cause they grow on the fetus before the gender is properly decided. So hey guys, we were girls once! :D (sorta).

Reason 7. FACT: This is somewhat linked to being able to communicate better, but as women converse better, they know how to get someone to spill out his/her secrets. Women have actually be known to be much better spies than men for this reason. Imagine, Jessica Bond instead of James Bond...

Reason 8. FACT: Women tend to think rationally before making any decision – be it shopping or finance related. What can I say, I guess we're just better at thinking. ;D

Reason 9. FACT: Studies show that women are better at coping with physical, mental as well as emotional pain. Unlike men, we take pain like a man.

Reason 10. FACT: Research reveals, women have a good immune system and also don’t act in a risky way. Hence, they live longer than men.

Reason 11. FACT: We're hotter than men. ;)

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