Please read! (mostly for girls)

my 100th quiz/story is for a good cause. :)

Chapter 1

Operation beautiful

Many girls across the globe are insecure and unsure of themselves...all because of their looks. More women are anorexic than those who have breast cancer in the US! This is a huge problem that no one is dealing with, either because they don't care, or because they don't think they can help.
But there is a simple way that you can help. Yes, YOU. Recently, I found a website called The woman running it is trying to help women all across the world to think better of themselves, because it's what's inside that counts, not the latest trends or cosmetics.
What she does, and what you could do to reach out to other women in your community, only requires some paper and a pen.
Write a note, conveying the basic message 'You're Beautiful just the way you are' and put it in a public place, like on a public restroom mirror, or in a girls locker room, or any other place that other women can find it. When they read your words of kindness, even that can be a good confidence booster for them, and they will walk out feeling better than when they came in.
If you're with me, please try this out! If you're not sure about this or need more info, the web address to the site is at the bottom of the story.
Please help us to spread these messages to all the girls who need it. I appreciate it. :)


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