Love is Not Comedy (Shane Dawson Love Story)

I've been wanting to do this for a while! I am so excited for writing it because Shane Dawson is one of my favorite people on Youtube!!!

Chapter 1

The Comment

by: gallavich
I was on Youtube watching my favorite Shane Dawson vid, the one where him and Deefizzy were talking about turnoffs. When it ended I went back to the front page of Youtube and decided to look at my comments. I spent most of my freetime on Youtube, because I had approximately 2,000,000 subscribers. I was the most popular Youtuber. My name on Youtube was Jim. Lol totally kidding my name on Youtube was Violet Moon, my acctual name. I noticed that I had a new comment. I clicked it. It was on my latest video, a parody on The Real Slim Shady. I read it, then noticed who it was from. SHANE DAWSON!!! AHHH!!! It said:
"Nice video, its funny as bleep and its awesome lyrics and u have a good voice for parodies. I love it, and I'm subscribed to you. 2,000,001 subscribers now ;)" I screamed. I couldn't believe Shane Dawson was subscribed to me! Sure, Ryan Higa, Shaytards, BLT, iJustine, Deefizzy, and Fred subscribed me but SHANE DAWSON!?!?!?! I screamed again!
"Why are you screaming so much?!" My twin Jazzy asked as she popped her head in my open door.
"Look... At... This..." I said as I broke out laughing happily. She quickly looked at the comment and screamed. She hugged me and started jumping up and down. My mom popped into my room.
"Ugh, whats with the screaming?" She asked.
"Mom! Shane Dawson commented on my video!!!!!" I exclaimed as I hugged her.
"Thats..great?" She said. I forgot she didnt know who Shane Dawson was. "Stop screaming... Please, or go to the park." She said.
"Sure thing, Mom." I said.
"Hey, I'm coming. I still wanna talk about this with you." Jazzy said.
"Alright Jazz, but I'm inviting Justin." I said, taunting. Justin was my best friend that Jazzy totally loved. "And his girlfriend since she frickin follows him like a dog." I said. Justin's girlfriend, Alice, was stealing him from me. I texted Justin to come.
Me: Hey wanna come to the park?
Justin: with Alice.
Me: You know what? You dont ever hand out with me anymore!
Justin: Well, I have to hang with Alice!
Me: YOU don't have to do anything. But I guess there isn't any YOU left in you.
I shut off my phone.
"Justin coming?" Jazzy said lightly.
"Nope. Shopping with his 'girlfriend' again." I said.
"Hey, screw the park. Let's go kidnap him." Jazzy said smiling. I smiled.
"Let's be ninjas." I said, laughing. So we got into matching black jean short-shorts and black tank tops. We looked at eachother and started laughing at the thought of kidnapping Justin. We went to the mall where we KNEW they were because it was the only mall within 30 miles. We walked around until we saw them at Booster Juice sitting down sipping small smoothies. Small?! Justin would totally go for XL. We walked over to Booster Juice and ordered XL's just to taunt him. I walked past him and my arm brushed against his so he would see me drinking an XL. He kind of pouted and I smiled. I loudly slurped it with my fave person in the world, my sister Jazzy. Just to taunt him, we walked away with the smoothies. Suddenly I heard my name being called. I turned around and Justin jacked my smoothie!
"Justin!" I exclaimed. I grabbed my smoothie back and took a huge slurp.
"Don't you have a girlfriend to get to?" I asked taunting him by twirling my hair. Oh, btw he had a crush on me.
"No. She just dumped me." He said.
"Lol, wtf why?" I asked, but heard a commotion. I looked back and saw Jazzy had met a guy. She texted me.
Jazzy: I don't like Justin anymore ;)
I laughed.
"So why did she dump you?" I asked.
"She didn't like the way I ran after you for ur smoothie." He said. I laughed and gave him my smoothie.
"Nice to have you back. Oh, guess what?" I said.
"Shane Dawson commented on my video." I said smugly.
"Omg thats so cool!" He said as he hugged me off the ground and kissed me.
"Um..." Was all I could say.
"Oh, sorry... I was really happy." He said.
"Its ok..." I said winking. I just noticed how cute he was. He had sandy hair and was tall, but not too tall that he was towering over me. His eyes were a deep blue, and his teeth were perfect. I stared at him for a second, and then Jazzy got back, letting out a squeal.
"Got his number?" Justin said, rolling his eyes.
"YES!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG" She started dancing around us.
"Uhm, it's just a guys number." I said.
"Not just a guy! SHANE DAWSON!"

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