I've been loads of messages asking me what the 'List' is. Well, this should tell you what I've got SO FAR. If you want to be added onto the list...Message or say so in the comments. I prefer message though.

Chapter 1

My List Of Quibblo Awesome people!

Okay, so the list is basically a list on my notepad programmed onto my computer. So far, I have about three people on that list. Not many, I know! I'm trying to build it up before my birthday, on the 14th of August! When you're name is on this list, on random or special occasions, you will be mentioned, praised, complimented of talked of how awesome you are. "Why should I waste my time with this?" you ask? Well, it might sound regular, or boring but trust me, it gets out there. I done this once before on my website and I had over a million names on my notepad! Cool, I know. Because of me, some of those people ended up having their own website and being popular because I praised them, mentioned them and told everyone how cool they, I'm not saying I can give you a website but this list is
rare on myself. I will make a list every other month or so and what you have to do to get in, you ask.
If you are one of my friends, you can ask and I will add,
If your not, I must first ask some questions about you before adding you.
How do you expect me to talk about your awesomeness if I know nothing about you?? Anyway, become a friend or message me and this weekend, I will announce who is already on the list. But I will continue to add people onto the list afterwards. On my birthday, if I have at least ten people on my list, I will announce the winner.
What's that? You say I never told you there was a winner? Oh, my bad!!
The winner gets nothing...except eternal glory on my part. Daily compliments, stories based on them, Genre's of their choices...everything of their choice to do with the story and made one of my top friends. Sound good right? Oh, it is!

If you are interested in adding yourself, message me! I don't bite!
Tell you're friends, tell them to tell their friends...oh, and if you tell a friend about the list, let me know and you will get daily compliments for a three days. Kay? Good, love ya all!



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