Willow Sisters (Please Read!)

So here it is, my story. Believe it or not, the only person I've EVER shared this with before was my friends boyfriend, and only because our only common interest is that we both love writing. And now I'm sharing it with the entire world. Big leap, huh? Anyway, please, please comment telling me if you like it and how to make it better. I want to get this thing published someday!


Chapter 1

Blayne's Words

"What are you doing?" Jessica Coruscant asked her little sister, who was laying on the grass, arms spread wide, the sun warming her face. 
“Nothing,” Lila said, quickly scrambling to her feet as she brushed herself off.
Actually, Lila had been doing anything but nothing. She had been daydreaming, as usual, but this time the reverie had seemed so... alive. So vivid. Almost as if Lila HAD been riding her imaginary white stallion across miles of countryside, to return to the tower she inhabited as a sorceress. It was an amazing vision, or at least it had been, before Jessica interrupted it.
Lila turned on her. 
“Just enjoying our first day of summer,” She said
“Well you better enjoy it at Micky’s” Jessie squinted in the sun as she spoke “Mom needs a loaf of bread.” 
So Lila set out down the sidewalk, towards the corner store between Nightingale Avenue, (where the sisters had lived for as long as they could remember) and Greening Drive, where the houses soon turned to hotels and the big city seemed to have been plopped down right in the middle their small town called Willow Bend. 
The corner store was owned and operated by an ancient woman name Micaela Harris, but went by Micky. She was always kind and caring, and there was just something about her that made people want to be with her, no matter where or what time.  
The shop was almost as nice as her, and Lila loved visiting it, because it had walls and walls of candy, keychains, and many interesting trinkets that always turned out to be useless, but were fun for nine year old girls with money burning a holes in their jean pockets to buy, just for the sake of it. 
Lila inhaled the fresh summer air. She was free! No more long, boring, classes. No more teachers telling her to stop daydreaming and keep her eyes on her work. That sumer she could daydream all she wanted, and would.
The walk was almost ten minutes, and when she got to Mickey’s, Lila went straight to the grocery section. She wanted to waste the least time possible. 
As she was wandering if her mother would want white or wheat bread, she heard snickers near the back of the store, where the magazines and sunglasses were.  
“Look at that shirt,” The fourth-grade bully, Myra Jacqueline, whispered loudly to her friend Emily Banks. 
“What is she, five?” 
Lila looked down. Her t-shirt had pictures of cats all over it. She loved that shirt, but maybe she was a little too old for it... She thought.
“I feel kinda bad for her,” Myra went on, smirking. “I would hate to have such a dumb name!”
That sent Emily into fits of laughter. Lila blinked back tears. Forgetting her duty, she quickly rand to the back door of the shop, and slammed it shut as she exited, not wanting to hear the awful cackling anymore. 
See, that was the thing about Lila. She was set off so easily,  she usually made more teary exits from embarrassing situations in a week than anyone else did in their entire lives. Nobody knew why it was so easy to hurt her feelings, but it just was, and no matter how much Lila hated it, she tried to live with it. 

 Behind the corner store was an old, empty lot, with weeds and grass growing out of the cracks in the cement. She threw herself down on top of a pile of lumber and tried not to cry, like she always did.
 When she had pulled herself together, Lila got shakily to her feet. A twig snapped in the forest behind the lot.
Her head whipped around, her damp hair flying. But she saw nothing. She turned back, but there it was again.
“W-who’s there?” Lila said hesitantly.
“Do....... not........... be........ alarmed....... please.......” A voice with a heavy Irish accent seemed to echo inside her head. The ground seemed to tilt so far Lila had to grab hold of a heavy piece of lumber for fear of falling. The wind picked up and goosebumps appeared on her arms.
“I am a friend....... I mean no harm........” 
The voice was gentle and reassuring. The ground flattened and the wind ceased. Someone, or something, stepped onto the concrete floor of the lot. 
Lila’s eyes focused, and she saw it was a little girl, no older than herself. 
She had stiff, stringy, black hair, and dark, colorless eyes. She was short and skinny, her bare feet rough and covered on calluses, with dried blood between her toenails. 
“Who are you?” Lila asked the girl, her voice catching in her throat.   
“They call me an Alder Demon. Although I never believed the term ‘demon’ really fit me.”
Her voice spoke into the air, not Lila’s head.
The corner of the little girl’s mouth turned up, but as soon as it did her expression quickly returned to the somber, blank face it was before.

“My name is Blayne. I am sorry to say I have come with very bad news indeed, Lila”
“How did you know my-”
“I must be quick... the curse...” Blayne’s voice changed into a hasty whisper. Her form faded, her figure became ghostly. 
“Be warned, Lila, the tribe, is planning,” She disappeared altogether and the echo began again. 
“I am not to be here, Lila........ tis’ a secret...... the tribe...... protect them, Lila, protect them......” 
And then it was if she had never been there. The birds sang in the trees again. The wind was replaced with the warmth of the sun. Again Lila heard Myra and Emily’s guffaws through an open window in the shop. 
Why were they laughing? Shouldn’t they have been standing in awe, like Lila? Was she the only one that had seen the girl?
Lila thought over what had happened, trying to make sense of it. 
What in the world was an Alder Demon? 
She had no idea what tribe, or curse, or secret Blayne was talking about. And who did she want Lila to protect, anyway?      
Lila finally concluded that the only reasonable explanation was that her imagination had gotten the best of her again. She walked through the alley next to Micky’s and, forgetting the bread, started back home, her head spinning with thoughts about the strange girl. She hated to think about the girl because it made her mind fill with a million questions, almost as if she thought of one more her head would explode. So she swallowed all her thoughts and tried to focus on the sidewalk, but the burst back up. She kicked an uneven edge in the sidewalk as hard as she could, and then tripped and went plummeting towards the white concrete. She saw a face, the same blank, colorless eyes, repeating the words protect them, Lila, protect them......

The vision vanished and replaced by the looming walk. She flung out her hands at the last second to break her fall. When she managed to stand back up her hands had a good number of bloody scratches and stung like torture. 
She clutched her shorts and continued on her way, her head throbbing. 

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