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Tell me, does this sound like a good idea to you? :)

Chapter 1

My story! Should I upload?

by: Emilee_
Okay, so I've been extremely bored this summer, (who hasn't?) and I've been thinking.. I want to write a story. Well, I've already kind of finished it, but that's besides the point haha.

My style of writing is a little different than the other stories that are on here and other publishing sites. My story isn't super long - 30 pages on Word, 12 point font I think. And there's only like what, 9 chapters? Some are one paragraph, others about 5 pages. Haha. So they vary.

But anyways...

The story is about this girl named Bridgette, who is at the verge of ending her Junior year of highschool. The new boy in school invites her to a special event, and BAM. They instantly fall in love! ♥ But the main part of the story isn't their 'love life' or whatever. It's how Bridgette finds out about a seriously horrible situation that has to do with her boyfriend. I don't want to tell you what happens because that ruins it of course! But the main part of the story is "the horrible situation". It's not all lovey-dovey and over-the-top-romance-novelly or whatever.

Tell me, does this sound like a story I should upload on here? Because I'm not all that into uploading stuff on sites, but I've been wanting to share my story and just have others give me cronstuctive critiscm and their opinions on my writing!

And if this goes well, other people that have checked my story out really want me to write a sequel. Don't really know how that'd go haha.

I want to do creative writing throughout high school, so I'd just like to see what others have to say about my writing style.

Thanks! :)


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