please read. sigh  :(

please read. sigh :(

thanks so much for reading. I wish it was something happyer or better but its not great at all. sigh. :(

Chapter 1

Princess Dodie my cat...

I've had Dodie since i was 5. I'm 16 now. almost 17. she was a birthday present.

shes verry talented. my princess is verry smart. she dose tricks and can mimic human english. she can say hi, bye, love you, yes, no, ham, tuna ect. much more. she knows basic math. used to help me thith my math. I'd ask her a question and she'd normaly get it correct. :) I been teaching her stuff since we were both little. I'd learn something in school and tell her about it. sometimes she'd understand. I know she did. Shes smarter than most cats and sometimes smarter than me.

I'd read to her. we'd watch movie and tv (nothing to scary.don't wanna scare her.) listen to music. that cats got good taste let me tell ya. hahaha. :) we'd play games. tag and hide and seek are her favs. have loads of fun.

she'd sit out side my room at night as if garding it from danger. she loves to fallow me around. sit with me. sometimes she'd be on the desk at the computer. she'd talk to me and me talk to her. shes always been there for me through both good and bad and even terrible. shes not just a pet shes a friend too.

sadly she hasn't been well lately. we bringed her to the vet. and they did some tests. Princess Dodie is in the early stages of kiney Disease witch is even worse cus whes 13 in human years... she dosen't eat as much or drink as much. we have to give her pills every day and its been tough. we have to bring her back to the vet from time to time and they give her shots and do more test. I'm realy worryed about her. It'd mean the world to be if u keep her in your mind and pray for her if u can. and thanks so much for reading.

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