Charmed---A Hogwarts Love Story! Year 1

Hey! This is my first story, and I worked really hard on it. I would love for people to leave comments, constructive critizim, and thoughts on my story. If u love my stories, PLZZ tell ur friends, cause I know some people have 100's or more, and I only have 55!!!! Ok, get ready....get set....GO!!!!!

P.S- First chapter is just info, lol

Warning-it might SUCK! (Got this idea from someone else!! Not my idea!!)

Chapter 2

The Magical Wand. ~swiggles are your thoughts~

"PENELOPE" Your mother yelled, waking you fro your deep, relaxing sleep.
"/Ugh/, Yes dearest mother?" You groan and say with sarcasm.
"Fine, if you wanna take that tone, you can take yourself to Hogwarts!" She knew that would get you up. ~God, I can't believe I forgot!~ You jumped out of bed, got ready, and had a quick breakfast of toast and orange juice that you snatched from the table. You were too excited to eat, you'd be hungry later. And that you were. Because a few hours later, you were at Kings Cross Station.
"I can't believe this is all real. Pinch me!" Your sister, Pheobe, reached her hand out to pinch you, but you quickly looked to her, and pointed her out. "Not really. If you do, i'll smack you." Pheobe rolled her eyes.
"Yeah right!"
"You don't think I would?"
"No I don't!"
"Ya know what?" You guys got in a fight, but your mom broke it up.
"GIRLS!" She yelled. A few people looked, "Pheobe, Penelope, you shouldn't be fighting. Don't you remember? You two won't be seeing each other for more than a year!" You and your sister glare at each other, but finally both go "Ahhhhh!" and hug each other tightly. When you both pull back from the hug, you look around, and people are still staring.
"There is nothing to see here, people. You've never seen a sister fight with her sister, then make up! C'mon, look away! You all have something to attend to, I'm pretty sure!" Everybody looks away. You look back at your family, who is now laughing tremendously.
You say goodbye to your family, and leave. But before you can pull away from the hug your mother is giving you, she says, "Run through the barrier between platform 9 and 10." You smile. Then you were off.

~10 minutes later~
You found a compartment to yourself, and pull out your wand, examining it. It was a 13 in. Alder Wood Wand, with a Chimaera Scale core - A very rare, yet very powerful wand. It wasn't one of those evil-wizard wands, though. You remember getting your wand in Diagon Alley.

You walked into what looked like a century-old shop. There were a few spider webs in corners, and dust on the high shelf. You looked around to see if anyone was there, but didn't see a single person. Just when you decided to come back later, an old man walked out from behind the counter. He had long white hair, and was very thin.
"Why hello," He let out a hand, which you gladly shook, "What might your name be? I am Ollivander."
"Penelope Sahrah."
"Oh yes, I remember your mother, Clarissa was her name, am i wrong?, walking into this shop like it was only yesterday. She was so full of energy, and compassion. So determined and good-hearted. A great wizard, she was." You were very shocked.
"You knew my mother? What kind of wand did she choose?"
"Oh yes, I knew your mother. But you must understand, the wizard doesn't choose the wand. The wand chooses the wizard. Young Ms. Clarissa had a 13 inch Rosewood Wand, with Fairy Wing core. It was the perfect match. Rosewood and Fairy wing were great matched. Her wand was the wand for a graceful wizard-that your mother was- and Fairy Wing core was light and airy, flexibal and swishy. They signify a connection to the mystic. Most wizards who have that kind of core are gifted with sight. But your mother was not a seer. Despite their astounding strength in Charms, they are merely average in Defense Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration, and will often fail at hexes altogether. But from what I've heard, your mother still did good in thoughs classes, and was well defended, becase only a great wizard could overcome this. She was the true master of this wand. They are mostly found in Hufflepuff-the exact house your mother was placed in. She was a great witch. If I had to choose who was a true ruler of that kind of wand, it would be her."
~ Oh.My.Gosh. How did he remember that? Is he some kind of wizard. Oh wait, dummy, we are all wizards!~ You smiled, proud for your mother.
"Now its your turn to find your wand." You smiled widely. You tried out a bunch of wands, and it was a disaster so far. One wand had even caused you to singe Ollivander's eyebrow. Until he opened a box that looked older than the shop. He brushed a lot of dust off the top. He then gestured you towards him, as if he had to whisper something to you.
"I've been noticing you don't do very well with the common wands of this age, so I thought of pulling this. This wand is vary rare, along with the wood in it. It is very powerful. If this wand chooses you to be it's lifelong master and partner, you will be a great, powerful wizard. If this wand chooses you to be its lifelong master and partner, you must beware. People might not know at first, but their wands will sense it. Your wand is very powerful, very reliable in battle. If this wand is the wand for you, you would be the only person in 4 centuries to have this wand."
~God, 400 YEARS?!" You just stared.
"Well, try it!" He snapped. From what you heard, he sounded kinda worried.
You picked it up with a shaky hands, and cast a spell to show you want was in the other boxes on the shelves.
"Transparido!" Almost perfectly, and orange jet of light shot out of the wand and it spread around the shelves, then revealed the wands inside the boxes. Ollivander just stared, then smiled.
"You will be a great witch, Ms. Sahrah. Let's hope you choose the right path," U nod, "Let me tell you more about your wand. The Alder wood is extremely rare, so many wand-makers refuse to take wood from an alder.The ‘bleeding’, turning from white to red, is considered to be inauspicious.(You looked down at your wand, and sure enough, under your hand your wand had red color flowing through it-white to red. ~AWESOME! MY WAND CHANGES COLORS! What does inauspicious mean?~ Ollivander see's your confused purple eyes.) Inauspicious means not being or giving a sign of future success.(~Dammit!~)
The few wands made of alder are often those with strongly opposing cores (such as doxy wings and phoenix feather), as the wood imposes balance. But yours is different. Your different. You have a wand with 2 extremely rare materials. Both powerful. Now, Chimaera scale core. Although chimaera scales are magically powerful, they are extremely rare in modern wandcraft. This is not out of any concern for safety, as they are generally considered no more stubborn than hippogriff feathers, and are more stable than Erumpent hide. The fact of the matter is that there are more recorded basilisk slayings in the past fifty years than there are chimaera slayings in all of recorded history. This one slaying occurred in Greece over two millenia ago, so what scales were harvested at that time have been degraded, broken, and dispersed. My ancestors bought some, for they knew one day that wizards who have overwhelming powers will need this sort of wand. Today, they are only found as parts of heirloom cores, and even then, all such cores are a more common core (often dragon heartstring) with a tiny fragment of scale embedded. Chimaera wands are most common in Greece and the Balkans, although as they were circulated through the Mediterranean and former Roman Empire they are found throughout Europe. These wands are prized for their raw power, although they are difficult to control......but with your is almost impossible. You could do great things with this wand, if you choose the right path."
You smiled. "Whad'ya mean?" He just smiles. "Anyways, thanks so much Ollivander. How much does it cost?"
"For you, I'll make it 5 Galleons. Just because I believe in you, just like I believed in your mother." You smiled and tried to deny the price cut, but he insisted. You payed him the price, even though the original price was 13 Galleons.
"Wait, Ms. Sahrah, " You turned. "I wouldn't tell everybody what wand you posses. It is very special, and powerful. I wouldn't want anyone to get intimidated by you." You smiled, nodded, and excited.

~End of Flashback

You smiled. Your owl, Memsy, chirped. "Sorry Memsy, but it's only for the train ride.(She didn't like being kept in a cage.) Once we get to the dorms, I'll let you fly around the school. Stretch your muscles. Promise." That kept her quiet.
Thats when 2 boys walked into your compartment.

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