George and Fred Weasley Love Story 6

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Chapter 1

well this is awkward!

As soon as I was finished I ran from Umbridge's room. The detention had been horrible. Since it was still daylight I ran outside to my tree by the lake and sank to the ground. I refuesed to let the old hag get the satisfaction of seeing me in pain but the newly carved words
I must grow up
Were stinging in the breeze. I hadnt cried snce my father died and I don't intend to start crying know. I took a couple of deep breathes and the lump in my throat slowly reduced to a miminal size.
"Hey Vex" Goerge said as he was walking towards me. "How did that mentoring go wi-."
He stopped half way through talking as I looked up to him and he saw the pain in my eyes. I quickly covered my hand and started rubbing my leg.
"Head ache before you ask." I fake a half hearted smile.
"Don't worry I have just the thing." He slid down on the flow next to me. he produced a bottle from within his robes that was filled with yellow slime. "It's a pain killer here."
His hand leaned across and he was dabbing the slime onto my forehead. A cooling sensation came over me but it didn't reach my hand.
"Why do you have this?" I ask, his face was inched from mine.
"Well me and Fred have been testing out new products on ourselves and we need something to reduce the pain, even amazing people like us don't alwyas get it right the first time." I laugh but only a little. Both mine and his face had been getting closer and closer. Our lips were centimetre's apart. I knew that he was waiting for me to close the gap. This could change our whole relationship and one of us might get hurt. But did I care? Did I want to close the gap?
I did!
His lips were so soft and they moulded to mine. This was nothing compared to Cedric. It felt so right. A fire was inginted in my belly and I was hungry for more. My tounge pressed against his lower lip and my hands were surged through his hair. His hands were around my waist and he pulled me closer. I didn't releaise till now that I actually liked George in more than a brother way. I had just been dening it to myself as I didn't want to ruin our relationship but right now I didn't really care.
cough cough
Me and George break apart and we look up to find Cedric staring down on us.
" Oh I see freeze me so you can get off with my girlfriend." He said with as more venom in his voice that I ever heard. He was staring straight at George. Goerge immediatley stood up and went face to face with cedric.
" Well I suggest you don't go round snogging other girls yourdelf." He spat at Cedric. I jumper between the two and stop directly to Cedric.
"Look if me slapping you didn't get the message then we're through." I turned round to face Goerge." And you I can fight my own battles" But inside I was secretley thrilled that he was being protective and there for me. I face Cedric again. "Now what do you want?"
"Well I saw you running out of Umbridge's office and I came to check you're okay." His eyes were glued to George but then they turned back to me." I also wanted to finish what I was saying yesterday in Herbology before we were rudely interupted." Another quick glance to George. "In private."
" Well thanks for the concern. but what ever you have to say you can say to George as well."
"Fine I think he'll want to hear this. I was serious that I want you back and I'm not giving up on you yet and before you get off with this ginger you should know who sent you the note. Because I didn't send it."
He paused and was expecting me to beg to know the answer but I didn't believe him one bit the slimy bastard.
"who did?"
"Why don't you ask Geroge over here?"
"Nice one Diggory real mature blame George for you fooling around and breaking my heart." The thing was inside I knew that he was right. George acted weird everytime I talked about the note. But I was 100% confident in George, well 90%."Go on tell him George" He remained silent.
"George." I turn round to face him but he avoids my eye contact. I felt like I had stepped in quick sand. "Why didn't you just tell me?"
"Well you wouldn't believe me." Was his mumble of a reply. Wait, if he many other people knew?
"How did you find out? How many people know?" He opened his mouth to speask but I cut him off."No forget to decieve me then abuse our friendship and make a move on me when I'm heart broken it's nearly as much of your fault as it it his. Nearly." I turn round to face Cedric." Your still not in the clear even if you hadn't invited me how long would this cheating have continued for?" I start to walk away from the two people that 3 days ago would be the people I trusted the most.
"Vex wait" George said and he went to grab my hand but I avoided it.
"No how can I trust you again?" And I sprinted to my bed and fought back tears that were fighting to over flow.
2 weeks had passed and I still haden't talked to George or Cedric. I don't know who upset me more. The problem was Christmas was approaching and I was spending it at Grimwuald (sp?) place as my mother couldn't get off work. Well this is going to be a fun Christmas!!!

The next day went by slowly and I kept drifting in and out of lessons thinking about the night I spent with Fred last night. People were giving me weird looks and girls were whispering behind my back. Obviously the news about me and Cedric had got out. Not that I'm surprised seeing he is one of the hottest guys in school after Fred of course.
I walk down to the Great hall for dinner with George and Lee opposite me. Fred was no where to be seen.
"Hey where's Fred?"
"Urm I actually don't know besides you have the same amount of lessons with him as I do." George replies.
" Yes but I can't get an edge words in with Angelina always clinging on to him." This fixation of hatred of Angelina was quite sad but I couldn't care less. She was clingly and extremely bossy.
"Why jealous Vex?" Lee asks and I can see George smirking while drinking.
"No why would I be jealous?" I felt the heat rise in my cheeks. Dinner was deliscious and I had a good catch up with Lee and George. I got up to leave but thought I had a little fun with them. They were both drinking pumpkin Juice and as they turned to each other I said: "Enjoy the drinks boys on the house."
Now considering it was me who poured the drinks they immediatley thought I had spiked them and the result was them doing spit takes all over each other. "Night boys." I gave a cheeky wink as I left the table which had irrupted with laughter in the immediate area.
I t was the day of Qudditch Gryffindor vs Slythrin. Ron wasn't doing very well and had let every shot in. But it was okay Harry had just caught the snitch so I took a shortcut to the pitch to celebrate the victory. I had decided that if we won that I would tell Fred how I felt about him no matter if he's got a girlfriend or not. As I crossed the oitch though I saw that all was not right and Fred was ebing restrained by three girls and harry was keeping george back. Great Malfoy the evil git.
I caught a feww of his words and made it over in time to pull him out the way of George and Harry. I broguth my wand out and they both knew my jelly-leg jinx was famed throughout Hogwarts as something even Madam Promfrey couldn't cure and you had to wait until the jinx had warn off, which would take a while. I think the record was a month opps.
Malfoy hide behind me as Geroge and Harry didn't back down.
"Vex just one punch." George pleaded.
"He insulted our family and Harry's mum."
"N"o because Umbridge is just looking for an excuse to cancell qudditch." Where was madam hooch? I gave them a stren look and the anger looked to have subsided and I started walking towards them pushing them away. But then Malfoy being the prick he is got a little too cocky.
"Yeah that's right Weasley, Potter Listen to Vexy here and walk away your pathetic I mean what she going to do? She's hardley got any talent if she did her father would and where is he now?" Madame Hooch had returned but I didn't care.
I gave Malfoy a right hook a hay maker I believe you muggles call it. Luckily George were stunned by what I did and as I was sent to McGonnaglas office I didn't care. At least it was me and not George or Harry or Fred.
I returned to the Gryffindor vommen room with the quddtich team waiting up for me. My hand stun and the cut:
I must control my temper
was etched into my skin.
As I entered the room I was bombarded with questions and I told them i had a week's worth of detentions off Umbridge and I'm banned from competeing in qudditch so long as I'm here in Hogwarts. Oh and I had to visit Mr Malfoy and apologise.
Everyone was really grateful at the sacrifice I had made. Malfoy needed a beating and at least i wasn't on the team so get kicked off.
I went and sat on the couch and soon the only people left n
until only me Fred and Angelina were left.
"Thanks again Vex you took one for the team, even though your not on it." I don't what I would have down without my seeker and beater. I mean if you got a life ban I dread to think they might have got it as well."
"Anytime Angelina you need to beat up Malfoy, I'm alwyas here." I gave her a half hearted smile and continued to read my book.
"Night Fred"
"Angelina wait." My attention was drawn from the bok but my eyes remained on the page. "I don't think this is ging to work out."
"You're breaking up with me? You don't have the decency to do it in private." I could tell she was talking about me but I turned the page in my book to appear to be readin it.
"It doesn't matter if it's private or not I just don't think this is going to work out, I like someone else I hope we can still be frie-" The sickening sound of skin on skin echoed in the commen room form what I'm guessing, Angelina'a hand meeting Fred's face. I heard her storm offf to bed and remained in my chair.
"That's going to hurt in the morning." I heard Fred groan as he walked up the stairs."Night Vex."
I ignored him and pretented to read my book If I heard him now then he would know that I was listening to his break up. I waited ten minutes then went to my room to find all the girls crowed round Angelina crying her eyes out. If I do so say myself I played my part convincingly and she believed it- I think- but truth be told, on the outside I cursed Fred. In the inside it felt like firworks had gone off he liked someone else and I hope that someone is me!!!!

Fred's POV
"Night Vex" She didn't reply and I knew my efforts had been wasted. I thought if I hint that i like someone else she would get the message. But she didn't hear a word of it. I went upstairs and was greeted by George and Lee.
"Well how did it go?" George asked.
"Not well pass the pain slime." I rubbed the yellow slime on my cheek and the pain went instantly. "She wasn't listening"
"You never know mate. Oh well I'll talk to her tomorrow."
The thought instanly cheered me up. I could always count of George. Wait wasn't it christmas soon. The thought of me and Vex spending chritmas together as boyfriend and girlfriend was something i could only dream of.


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