A Bit of Mayhem ~The story of Paisley Rune~ (A Hogwarts Love Story)

Lila Rune's sister has just gotton to Hogwarts and has been sorted into the worst house ever. Well atleast that's how most people describe it. Paisley is one of those people, but unlike the rest she was put in Slytherin. And only Paisley knew why.
Does she know somthing that her sisters would disown her for?
Will she ever tell?
Can she control her own life again?
And will she get the guy?

Chapter 1

Your Eyes Don't Hide

by: HeheYoshi
An hour before dinner
“Dumbledore,” The three sisters called. Paisley had talked to him while everyone was still at a place called Hogsmeade. Now everyone was back at Hogwarts, and the girls had made their decision. Now all they had to do was tell Dumbledore.
“I’m getting sick of waiting out here I’m going in and you two are coming with me.” Paisley said; she had a very short attention span and an even shorter patience. But somehow she lived with two of the slowest people. Nicole and Jersey, Paisley’s adopted sisters. They took about two hours to get ready, and usually it took them each a lot of explaining to get them to learn something easy.
“Okay, then how do we get in there?” Nicole asked
“Yeah, how do we get in there?” Jersey echoed
Paisley walked up to the portrait knocked three times and said the password “Honeydukes,”
When we got up into Dumbledore’s office he was sitting there watching a pile of ash. I was about to ask what he was doing, but I saw some of the ash move. Wait was the ash glowing a little? Then I saw a little bird pop up from the ashes, and shake its head to get the rest of the ashes off of him.
“So have you three made your decision yet?” Dumbledore asked
“Yeah,” Jersey answered
“We’re going to stay.” Nicole finished excitedly
“Good,” Dumbledore said “now what year are you in?”
“We’re in,” Nicole started
“Forth.” Jersey finished
“Stop interrupting me!” Nicole yelled at Jersey
“Sorry can’t help it.” Jersey answered helplessly
Oh, something you should know about the twins. They hear each other’s thoughts, so they burst out in random arguments… a lot. My mom was a very powerful witch, she found out what Tom Riddle was up too when she was younger. You see she was very smart, so you couldn’t hide anything from her. My dad- well step-dad was very athletic and he was the best Gryffindor Keeper in history, oh and I can’t forget that he was a seer.
Oh, you want to know about me? Well, I am nothing special, really I can’t do anything. Well besides wandless magic. And, no one besides my mom, dad, and Dumbledore knows who my real dad is. I’m ashamed to be related to him. If anyone finds out then I’m dead. Well I’m dead to everyone except probably one person. And he probably wouldn’t respect me either.
“Paisley, Paisley, PAISLEY!!!” The twins were yelling at me
“Yes, I do know my name.” I said
“Ha, ha, ha, very funny but we have ten minutes until we get sorted.” Nicole said
“Yeah, so stop staring off into space.” Jersey said
About three minutes later we heard kids running through the halls going toward the great hall. Right before the doors closed behind the last kid we walked in, and went up to Dumbledore. Before we were up to the platform everyone was talking. But when Dumbledore started to speak, it was silent.
“Lila Rune,” Dumbledore said through the microphone “come up here.”
She got up and started walking up to the platform with Dumbledore and all three of us. She looked so confused and scared. Did she remember us?
“Lila, do you know why you are up here?” Dumbledore asked
“No sir, I don’t.” She replied
“Well then do you recognize these three girls?” He asked again
“Not really,” she replied “am I supposed to?”
At that tears were forming in my eyes. As soon as the first tear came from my eyes then I heard Nicole and Jersey holding back there tears. Why can’t she remember us? Lila closed her eyes, like she always did when she was trying to figure things out.
“Paisley, Nicole, and Jersey is that you?” She almost screamed
I nodded and she started to cry, hopefully happy tears. Then something crossed her face, a look of sadness. Jersey, Nicole, and I ran up and gave her a bear hug.
“Do you know about mom and Dad?’ She whispered to all three of us
“Yeah,” I answered almost crying again
“Sadly,” Nicole and Jersey said together
“I assume everyone knows Miss. Lila Rune?” Dumbledore asked and everyone cheered in response, everyone except one table. That entire table groaned. But Lila looked over at the table she came from and a Redheaded boy gave her a thumbs up and mouthed “That’s your sister’s!”
Well looks like Lila has a boyfriend. Aw, my little sister’s growing up.
“Good, everyone these three girls are her sisters; this Is Miss. Paisley Rune, they are Nicole and Jersey Cavara/Rune. Nicole and Jersey were adopted by Lila and Paisley’s parents. Now it is time for them to get sorted into their new Houses.” Dumbledore said
A hat that looked old was on a stool. It called Nicole first, wait it could talk “Sneaky, shy, and doesn’t follow directions that well, but also brave, kind, chivalrous, and tries to pay attention even when she gets distracted she tries her best to pay attention. GRYFFINDOR!!” The Hat yells.
Then it was Jersey, “Very brave, independent, smart but not smart enough for being a Ravenclaw, and sneaky. Is there one Rune child who isn’t a prankster?” The Hat asked “Psh, no.” Jersey answered and everyone laughed. “GRYFFINDOR!!” The Hat yelled
Last but not least, Me. “Shy, mean at times, pureblood,” at that Lila looked sad “brave, independent, loveable, but all of her dads family has been in Slytherin, I’m sorry Paisley but you are in, Slytherin!!!” The Slytherin table cheered, and Lila almost cried. Lila pointed me where to go. Nicole and Jersey followed her back to the Gryffindor table.
The hat which I assumed was the sorting hat, whispered that he was sorry to me before yelling ‘Slytherin!!!’ and I hoped that I was the only one who heard that. I went and sat down by a person that I later learned to be Draco Malfoy. But I was behind Lila, and as long as I could talk to her then I ignored everyone at my table.
“Hey Fred, we aren’t the only twins anymore.” A boy said
“I know,” the other one, I’m assuming was Fred said “we need to give them the usual newbies prank.”
“We’re impossible to prank.” Nicole said, and it was very true
“Nic, I think that we need to prank them.” Jersey said
“Exactly what I was thinking Jers.” Nicole said. They smiled a devilish smile. Oh this will be fun.
Lila turned to the other ginger, “I hope that they know that my sisters are better than them at this.”
“I doubt it, Lila.” He said said to me
I was asking me all sorts of questions. “Lila, is that your Boyfriend?” She turned to the boy. “I don’t know? Are you my boyfriend Ron?” Yay I know his name now.
Ron turned to me and mouthed “You just had to ask that.”
“No, Lila we are not.” Ron said then he said under my breath just loud enough for only me to hear “Or at least not yet.”
Lila looked so sad, so I decide to tell her what Ron had said. Automatically her face was lit up, a big smile on her face, her stormy grey- wait pink! Her eyes changed color to a light pink! All the stormy blue grey was gone. Ron must have seen it too, because he looked so suprised.
Fred and George(I think that’s his name) were laughing. If only everyone knew what she was, if they only knew how powerful she was. Then they looked at her too. “What the,” They both said
At this point everyone who could see her eyes was staring at her, their mouths hanging wide open. Her eyes changed to a dark grey when she realized that people were staring at her. “Umm what’s going on?” Lila whispered.
Then someone shouted “She’s a Metamorphmagus!”
“Well, Lila your eyes are changing colors, and your hair is gaining small pink streaks. But no one has noticed that.” Ron whispered to her and then he took her hand and they ran out of the Great Hall together.
A few minutes later, Ron came back and told us to come with him. Only me, Nicole, and Jersey knew what was going on. She was starting to find out her powers. To find out that she was more special than the boy who lived.
Ron went up to a portrait of a very fat lady. And said ‘Petrificus Apple’, we all walked in to a room that was called the common room. Ron ran up a set of stairs, and we followed him all the way into a room. Lila was in the room, her eyes open and red, laying down on a bed mumbling about houses no nose man and Draco Malfoy.
“Get up Lila,” Ron’s said
“Get up please!!” I yelled at her
“We’re going to pour cold water on your face if you don’t” Nicole and Jersey yelled
Fred, George, Nicole, and Jersey all yelled “Aguamenti!” and water spewed from there wands.
“What was that for?” Lila sat up and screamed
“You wouldn’t wake up.” Fred, George, Nicole, and Jersey all said in unison.
“Okay guys that’s freaky.” she said
“No what’s freaky is when we walked in we saw you with your eyes open and red, laying down on a bed mumbling about houses no nose man and Draco Malfoy.” A frizzy haired girl said
“Well that’s interesting.” Lila said enthusiastically “I guess that I was also talking about my plan for hamsters to dominate the world.”
“You too?” Nicole asked sarcastically
“That’s our plan she stole it in third grade, remember.” Jersey said
“I remember, we put a hamster on her face while she was sleeping and it peed.” I said, and we all burst out laughing. Her eyes changed color again
“Okay what color this time?” Lila asked
“Hair’s blue, eyes purple.” George said still laughing
“Well that means Hysterical then.” Fred said smiling
“Okay,” Hermione said and took out a notebook and started writing in it “one down a lot more to go.”
“Well I’m going for a walk; do you want to come with me Lila?” Ron said, and her eyes turned again and her hair turned from blue to honey colored.
“What color are my eyes?” Lila asked
“Light pink,” Hermione said “I know what this means.”
Ron and Lila walked out of the room. When they were a good way away from the stairs. We all started asking questions.
“So Hermon what’s pink mean?” I asked
“First of all, it’s Hermione not Hermon. Secondly, pink means love.” Hermon- I mean Hermione answered.
“Aw, our little sister’s in love!” Jersey and Nicole said in unison
“With our little brother? Who can stand Wittle Wonnie-kinz?” Fred asked
“Mom, Dad, Ginny, Bill, Charlie, our aunts and uncles, Lila, Paisley, Jersey, Nicole, and then the rest of Hogwarts, excluding some Slytherin.” George answered
“Oh and by the way, why am I in Slytherin?” I asked
“Who knows? You’ll probably be the random Slytherin who’s good.” Harry said
“Paisley, you have to leave and go back to your common room now.” Hermione said
“Okay, bye guys!” I said as I was leaving
“Bye!” Everyone yelled

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