My worlds right side up was upsidedown before! (A Draco malfoy love story.)

Hi this is a love story where a girl has to pick between my 2 fave guys Draco malfoy and Greyson chance it takes place at hogwarts and in the muggle word cuz her mom thinks the wizard world is overrated

Chapter 1

I got in!!!

As my mom opened the skylight on her car a envelope and owl Teer flew in. When I saw my name and adress on it because I automaticly knew where it was from.
"mom, wish me luck" I said smilinging nevously.
"Luck" she said pointing urgently for me to open it.
The letter said:
Ms. Gradola nessinac
we are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts school witchcraft and wizadry I smiled super excited after I read it
"I got in" I said
"Ahh! hunny thats great! you know your father and I." she trailing off becuase of who my father was maybe I should tell you who i am my name is Graddy nessinac and my father is a deatheater btw my dads best friends with Lucious malfoy another ... well you know and I havent seen my father since I was four so he could leave us for You know who. God I hate my family and as for my mom well shes okay i live with her in the muggle world but i am pureblood 100 percent. Now that im going to hogwarts I have to go to school with the malfoys son Draco whine. But Im all for the school as long as Harry potter leaves me alone that is. I hate the Idea of him and my father.

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