Sffinx on the lose(Harry Potter and the bystanders)

There would never be anothere Sffinx after her. And now she died to save the only person who trusted her...

Chapter 1

The Last Fight

Just before Hagrid carried in the "dead" Harry, some of us were still fighting. My wings helped me block off some spells, but some were way to powerfull for them to deal with, so I was forced to use my wand. Thanking my evil, now an hour dead auncle for teaching me evil spells, I fought a dude, yeah the one in the mask. When suddenly I heard an ancent spell to block my "Sffinx" power. IN MY HEAD.
"expelliarmus" someone yelled behind my back. I put my wand back into my shoe and turned my head towards the voice.
And there he stood grinning at me, my stomich tied itself into a knot just like it always did whenever I saw him. Jess pointed somewher behind my leg, and just as he did a hand grabed my ancle. It was the same dude I was fighting before, now the mask had fallen off his face.
"Why do you all look so uGlY?" as I said ugly I kiсked the dude in the face with the heel of my boot.
Jess threw his head up and laghed " THAT was a good one" then he took my hand a pulled me into a hug. I though I was happy enough to just die right there and then. But again I didn't know it would actually happen!
"Crap, my force feild is off" I pulled away and reached behind my back to cover a wound on my higher wing.
"What do you mean? I thought it was impossible" there was this puzzled/Concerned look in his hazel eyes.
"Well I guess someone found a way." Suddenly I remembered the one person who knew how to do it-- My uncle, I saw the way he died, how much he suffered, I remembered the pain that spread through my body, the same pain that is killing me now. Suddenly I grabbed my chest with both arms and fell to the ground. Tears rolled down my face. And cold, sharp pain spread once again as if cold arms of death taking over.
Then a more pleasent feeling came. Jess wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me off the wet ground. " It will be alright, I know it will" he wispered in my ear, and I pushed the last tears out of my eyes.

(ok so this is the part after Hagrid came and now Harry and Voldemort are fighting (well so is everybody else))
I din't want to fight anymore I was tired of deaths and all that, so i just flew up and watched the fight. "How can you just sit here?" I wispered, somehow I still cared for everyone who was down there "They are fightig and dying while you do nothing. Disgusting."
So as I was done talking to myself I took out my wand, what else could I do? And "down from above" came a spell crushing a dude fighting Ginny Weasley who is he to hurt my friend?
(several minutes later) I was still flying under the ceiling, when BAM and my wand and I are flying down with the speed of sound. Thanks to quiddich I stabbeled my self in the mid fallwhile my wand was lost in the battle field. I looked around but instead of my wand I found something more horrifying sight. Antonin Dolohov pointing his wand at Jess! Oh no, not on my eyes!
But what could I do? My wand was lost and my sffinx power was damaged. And the only thing I could do was push him out of the way. So I flew, putting every ounce of my strangth into the flight. Cutting the air to my target, but then I felt a sharp kick in my back. The kick of such strength wings stoped working and I fell like a bag of potatoes. BOOM. That hurt. When I stoped sliding my wings were numb (that ment they were fighting some kind of spell)
Then I felt one arm take me by my waist, and then another one take me by my neck. I opened my eyes and saw him his red-golden hair forever hanging over his eyes. And his eyes, his eyes. Suddenly a spark of green behind my back broght the harsh sense of reality to me. I realized the spell that attaced me. It was a strong spell too. I knew I was now dying, and Jess knew it too. But I see three good things in this 1: I did save the man of my live 2: I am going to die looking into his beautiful eyes and 3: I AM getting that kiss before I die. Yup there it was the kiss. At the last seconds of my life I was looking at him, he was saing something but I couldn't hear. I looked into his eyes while drowning in the darkness of unknown, deeper and deeper...into the ocean


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