My Harry Potter Dreams

I have recorded all my dreams having to do with Harry Potter here.

Chapter 1

Quidditch Match

In this dream, I was wandering the wizard world with two dollars, getting ready to watch a big quidditch match. First, I noticed a place where you could get all sorts of things related to quidditch, and the two teams playing against eachother that day. I stood in line, and just before it was my turn to get all the stuff I wanted, and guess who I thought would win, I realized I had two DOLLARS. No galleons, no sickles. Only dollars. And the wizards selling stuff only accepted wizard money. So I went out of line, and found a foreign-money thingy machine.

I quickly exchanged my money, and went off to find that place again. But I got lost, and ran into this big dark room, where I felt I needed to hide. So I did, and these two wizards entered the room confronted eachother in front of a huge framed picture/painting (it was too dark to tell) of a weird bird in flight. Pressing deeper into my hiding place, I realized I wasn't there anymore. I was at a falafel stand (falafel is a sort of israeli taco-thingy) right next to the store. But I couldn't go to the place I wanted, because my parents were at the stand and insisted it was time for lunch.

I looked at my money, now realizing how hungry I was, and noticed it wasn't wizarding money! It was 22 shekels (hebrew money). Luckily, the person behind the stand said they accepted that currency too, and soon I was making my falafel.

Here comes the SUPER weird part.

So I stood in this huge, ring-shaped, empty swimming pool, beside the stand. everyone was to swim while they waited for the falafel to be finished (strange, falafels don't take that long to make). There were enormous jet-thingys (like, on bathtubs at a spa, or a hot-tub) as tall as a person, placed randomly throughout the pool. They turned on, and suddenly, I was being shot painfully through tons of pounding, endlessly deep water. Somehow, I managed to avoid the more dangerous jet-things, by grabbing the edge and pulling my head up. I heard sirens. An emergency boat was going towards a small boy, trapped underneath a jet's powerful, pounding water. The boy's mother screamed "HE'S DEAD!" And I swam over towards the boy, screaming once, also, I don't know why. the rescue team managed to pull him above water. He was unconscious. I wondered how the allowed such young children (he looked about 7 or 8) to enter this extremely deep thing . Somehow, I'd missed the quidditch match.

stupid falafel stand.

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