So What (Ashley Purdy and Max Green and Dahvie Vanity Love Story)

Damian Abraxis, Filman. Age 18 Birthday March 15, 1993
Broken Hearted and Shy but secretly very creative.
Haze Amanda, Filman. Age 18 Birthday March 15,1993
Out going and very athletic.
Halley Danelle, Hallbone. Age 18 Birthday June 13, 1993
Out going, loud and has a bad temper.

Chapter 3


by: KDVampire
I opened my eyes, I couldn't tell were I was. My head hurt and I felt like Sht.
"Ima go check on him," someone said.
The door opened and I saw Max Green walk in.
"Hey man you're awake," he said. "What," he asked.
"How did I get here," I mumbled my throte was dry and sore.
"You don't remeber running in to me then passing out," Max asked.
The last thing I remebered was saying 'Physically yes emotionally no.'
"Kinda," I coughed.
"You think you can come out of the back and hear some exciting news," Max asked me.
"Maybe," I mumbled.
"Up ya get," Max said pulling me to my feet.
I felt Dizzy. "Damian you ok," Max asked.
"I don't know," I garbled.
"You gonna be sick," Max asked.
"Yeah," I breathed.
Max Practically carried me to the bathroom, he held my hair back as I puked.
"What'd you do, go on a drinking binge," Max questioned.
"No," I garbled Puking again.
"So you felt fine till you ran in to me," he questioned.
"Emotionally no, but otherwise quiet healthy," I whispered.
"You want to talk about it," Max asked.
"I think you'd judge me if I told you," I breathed.
"I swear I won't," he begged.
"Well my ex cheated on me with my best friend, and they were here tonight kissing, they said they never c-c-cared ab-b-b-out m-m-m-me," I cried.
"So she was kissing your best friend harsh," Max muttered.
"Uh-uh he was kissing my best friend," I mutter puking again.
"Your boyfriend," he gasped.
"See I knew you'd do that," I sobbed.
"No, thats not why, It's because I think you're kinda cute," he blurted out. "Did I just say that out loud."
"Yeah," I answered.
"I don't mind," I said turning to look at him.
He was in shock frozen in time, so I pressed my feverish hand to his face hoping it unfreeze him.
"Really, umm so your sister and friend were wondering if maybe you would like to go on tour with us, they're going too," Max asked.
I coughed a few times then. "O my god," I squeeled. "Yes."
Max hugged me tightly and I hugged him back.

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