So What (Ashley Purdy and Max Green and Dahvie Vanity Love Story)

Damian Abraxis, Filman. Age 18 Birthday March 15, 1993
Broken Hearted and Shy but secretly very creative.
Haze Amanda, Filman. Age 18 Birthday March 15,1993
Out going and very athletic.
Halley Danelle, Hallbone. Age 18 Birthday June 13, 1993
Out going, loud and has a bad temper.

Chapter 2

Wake up kid

by: KDVampire
Great the kid passed out on me. "Kid wake up," I snapped. But nothing I checked to make sure he wasn't dead and thank you god he wasn't.
I picked him up and brought him back stage. He was burning up. I took his hoodie off and layed him on a couch.
"Max what did we say about bringing groupies back here," Robert said.
"HE'S not a groupie, I don't think, but he ran in to me and passed out," I snapped.
"Sheesh Max calm down," Bryan breathed.
Something about him made me feel diffrent, atrachted to him actually.
"Have you guys seen a runaway teen," Ashley asked us. There were two worried girls with him.
"Is this him," I asked.
"O my god, Damian," the dark haired one gasped.
"I don't know what happened he Just ran into me and then passed out," Max Green stuttered. "I don't think you should move him he's running a fever a real high fever."
"Ok," she breathed.
"I could take him to our tour bus so he can rest with out all the noise," Max suggested.
"Umm I don't know," she muttered.
"Haze I think you should do it," the other girl muttered.
"Halley I don't know," Haze muttered.
"Please," Max begged.
"What's with you today," Robert asked.
"Fine I really don't want to miss the concert," Haze replied.
"Ok," I picked up Damian and walked off to our tour bus. He moaned a little as I put him down but stayed asleep.

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