So What (Ashley Purdy and Max Green and Dahvie Vanity Love Story)

Damian Abraxis, Filman. Age 18 Birthday March 15, 1993
Broken Hearted and Shy but secretly very creative.
Haze Amanda, Filman. Age 18 Birthday March 15,1993
Out going and very athletic.
Halley Danelle, Hallbone. Age 18 Birthday June 13, 1993
Out going, loud and has a bad temper.

Chapter 17

The First Real Look

by: KDVampire
"Out at last, out at last thank, Max almighty I'm out at last," Damian chanted.
"Out of what, the closet or the hospital," Ashley asked sarcastically.
"I've been out of the closet for awhile now, so I don't know what you're talking about," Damian laughed back.
"So do you remeber who did this," I asked for the millionth time.
"Maxxy, I told you everything, she said "Back off he's mine' and then it was lights out," D sighed.

Max seemed so distraught about this, it was kinda getting to me. "Its not like, I'll be dumb enough to go out on my own like that again though," I added. "I'll always be with either you or my sis," I paused. "Promise."

"As much as I wish that make me feel better, I just dont feel safe right now," Max sighed.

I reached up and kissed his cheek. "I understand where you're coming from, but,-"

"Would you please shut up," Hazz snapped. "The movie's starting."

We had all managed to fit in etf's tour bus, 14/15 of us, for a six hour drive. Why? I don't know but they managed to do it.

"I'll be back," I said getting up and going to the back.

I promised Raven I wouldn't do this anymore, he promised he wouldn't break my heart. Look how that turned out. I searched for a razor or a pair of sissors of some sort. I found a razor, eventually. I sat back on Max's bunk and just as I was making an isision in my left wrist, we hit a minor bump and it went deeper then I had intisipated it to go.

"Damn it," I cursed slitly under my breath. "Whatever I can stop the bleeding. I stripped the towel off the wall and wrapped it tightly around my wrist and paced the little walk way. The towel was getting heavy and wet. I felt nousiated. Dizzying every step I took.

The moment the door closed behind Damian, Hazz sat in his place, replacing some of the warmth next to me. "What was that about," she questioned.

"I'm just worried, you know," I sighed.

After awhile I got worried. We hit a slight road bump a little while back, what if he hit his head or something. I tried to convince myself that he was ok. He'd be mad at me for checking on him if he was ok.

I couldent take the stress anymore and got up. Grabbed some cold sodas as cover and went to the back. What I saw took the utmost curage to not scream like a little girl and call for my mommy. I ploped the sodas on my bed and knelt down next to my poor baby. I threw the blood soaked towel in the trash and then checked to see if his wrist was still bleeding. I seemed to have stopped. Along with his breathing.

"Damian," I questioned lightly. "D baby come on wake up," I tear slid silently down my cheek and on to his. I felt his chest rise slowly and painfully under my hand. I took out the first aid and wrapped his wrist. The first real look I got at the cut. I origanally thought it was from him falling and hitting the sink or something, but it was way to clean. Thats when I saw them, clean cut in almost perfect rows, scars. Tons of them, on both his arms. Even his ankles had them. I finished wrapping his wrist, then left him there. He wanted to die?

"Pull over at that gas station!" I snapped at the driver.

Max had yelled at the driver to pull over. He did pull over. Max didn't even wait for the door to open before he made a mad dash for it.
"Max," I called. I followed him around the little building. He was sitting against the wall hugging his knee's crying to himself.

I knelt down next to him. "Max, what happened, did he break up with you?" Max shook his head. "Did you fight?" he nodded lightly. "But that's not why you're crying is it," I questioned.

"He,h-ehe," Max studdered. Then he made the action of cutting on his wrist.

"It's not your fault, Max trust me. Raven's left him damaged goods. Raven told him things, mad Damian feel special, he finally felt good about himself after our parents kicked us out of the house for hom being gay and me taking his side.
"Nick was his friend, but he aparently planned it out with his "Boyfriend, to hurt Damian beyond repair," I said(For lack of a better word)

"And his boyfriend was Raven? I'm guessing," I asked.

"Yes he was."

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