Ancient Revival: Greek Gods and Heroes

My name is Melika Jones. I'm sixteen years old and am favored by the great Goddess Artemis herself for I'm a great hunter.
When Hades takes my sister to lure me down to the Underworld, I must do what I must to save her, no matter the cost. But, will I be able to avoid becoming his second wife?

Chapter 3

Hades' Proposal

I woke up to the sound of some one knocking on the door. I got up and opened the door, two uniformed police stood patiently.
"Are you Melika Jones, older sister of Lucy Jones?" Asked the first officer.
"Yes," I said.
"You have been notified about the current situation, correct?" Asked the second officer.
"We give our condolences but, there is still hope that we can find her,"
"Now, do you remember what she was wearing?"
"Her favorite outfit. A white dress, pink cardigan, pink headband, white and pink flats and she had an extra coat with her in case it got too cold. The dress has pink stitching, and butterflies along the hem," I said. I wiped a tear from my eye and blew my nose into a Kleenex tissue.
"Alright, anything else we should know?"
"Yeah. She has diabetes," I said. If Lucy doesn't get the right foods she goes into a siezure like state.
"We will make sure we find her soon," the second officer said.
"Thank you," I said, "here's a picture of her," I said as I handed them a picture. They nodded in appreciation and walked away. I closed the door and sighed.
I sat down on a stair and buried my face into my hands. I let out a moan of sadness.
"They won't find her, you know that right?" I looked up and saw a boy, he appeared to be eighteen but, he gave off a glow and knew his was a god. His glow was black, not gold like Apollo's.
"Which God are you?" I asked, he laughed.
"Take a guess," he challenged.
I looked at him, black shaggy hair, his eyes were dark brown with red flecks, he had a pale complection. And then there was the black glow.
"Hades," I said. He stood up and fixed his black pants. He was wearing all black actually.
"Good guess," he said with a smile, "if you really do want your sister back, you can get her the easy way or the hard way," he said as he stood in front of me.
"What's the easy way?" I asked as I stood up to face him.
"Marry me," he whispered into my ear. Chills ran down my spine.
"You already have a wife,"
"Persephone won't mind if I have another wife," he said with an evil grin.
"What's the hard way?" I asked.
"You find your way to the Underworld and find you're way through my maze filled with monsters, sneak past my gaurds, and even then, you have to get past me," he said, "and let's admit it, that's going to be impossible,"
"Everything is possible. Even the impossible say 'I'm possible,'" I found myself quoting from some person, a writer or poet. Hades smiled.
I have to admit, you'll make a beautiful wife,"
"Who says I'm going to marry you?" I asked.
"Me. Because I always get what I want," he said.
"We'll see about that," I said.
"Alright than," he said as he leaned forward, "here's a little peek at what it'll be like when I'm your husband," and he kissed me.
Suddenly I felt a fire in me, it wasn't pleasant and I saw the burnt trees from my dream but instead of running, I was walking hand in hand with Hades, looked like a Greek queen with the clothes and jewelry. I looked serious and rather unhappy.
I pushed Hades away and we were back in reality.
"Youstil want to do this the hard way?" He asked and just before he disappeared, I smiled and said: "hell yeah," he smiled before he disappeared completely in the black smoke that wrapped around him.
I sat back down on the stairs when someone knocked on the door.
"Come in," I said, feeling extremely exhausted. In came Triton and Artemio.
"Hey, Artie told me about Lucy," said Triton.
"You doing okay?" Artemio asked.
"I'm going to go find her," I said.
"What?" Triton exclaimed, "are you crazy? Do you even know where you're going to go?"
"Yes. It's just a matter of how," I said, a little angrily.
"No you can't not now. You agree with me right Artemio?" Triton said.
"Well, yes and no. She needs to begin her journey soon. You knowhow impatient Hades is,"
"Wait, you know about the Gods?" I asked.
"Way to go Artie. We weren't supposed to reveal ourselves yet,"
"Wrong! We weren't supposed to show ourselves until the time was right and the time is right!"
"You know, you're lucky Atemis favors you or I would so destroy you," Triton said.
"Hey! Shut up!" I yelled. They stopped and looked at me, "now tell me please what is going on?" They got really quiet.
"Look. I told you my family has always served and worshipped Artemis. It's only obvious I would know about the Gods," Artemio said.
"True but, what about you Triton?" I asked. He sighed and shoved his hands into his pant's pockets.
he looked at me and changed. His hair turned into a sandy color, he had freckles along the bridge of his nose, and his eyes were a sea green. He had blue glow about him amd I gasped. My best friend/ fishing buddy is Poseidon.
He gave me a small smile, "you understand why I couldn't tell you... right?"
"Yeah but, the question is why you are here," I said.
"I owed Apollo a favor and well, he had me watch over you. Protect you. I suppose you could say I became your gaurdian,"
"But wouldn't you be too busy to be my gaurdian?"
"No not really," he said, "but enough about me, I need to give you one last thing," he said and out of nowhwere handed me a knapsack.
"I should go now, Apollo will want a word with me," he hugged me before water swirled around him and he disappeared.
"Isn't he going to help me?" I asked.
"No. It isn't his job to help you throughout the journey. That's mine," Artemios said, "besides he can't inerfere with Hades plans. It's a gods thing," Artemio explained.
"Of course it is," I said with a sigh.
"Come on, we should get you prepared for the adventure that awaits us," Artemio said.
"Alright. I'll pack a pair of clothes and my bow amd arrow," I said.
"I'll pack food and water," he said and went into the kitchen as I went upstairs to my room.

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