Ancient Revival: Greek Gods and Heroes

My name is Melika Jones. I'm sixteen years old and am favored by the great Goddess Artemis herself for I'm a great hunter.
When Hades takes my sister to lure me down to the Underworld, I must do what I must to save her, no matter the cost. But, will I be able to avoid becoming his second wife?

Chapter 14

Artemio's PoV

Castor and Pollux walked beside me, casting careful glances at me as though I were about to attack them any moment like a mad man. We have been searching for Melika and Troilus for three days before we decided to carry on her mission and free her sister in her honor. I will find Melika one day though. First, I decided we might as well visit my family though.

"You don't suppose her and Troilus were struck by Ero's arrows of love and ran away together, do you?" Pollux had suggested once. I had snapped at him to shut up. Melika would never abandon me like that much less this mission, yet I had to wonder... was he right? I shook my head and began walking faster to shake off my thoughts and as I recognized the path we were on. I was almost home. I would be staying with my brothers. I missed Hermokrates and Apollosides, I remember I looked up to them when I was younger.

"Do you know where we're even going?" Pollux asked.

"Yes. The temple of Hermes," I said. The brothers looked at one another and shrugged before hurrying after me.

Minutes later we were walking into a temple and met by Hermokrates, he stood tall and had a small peaceful smile on his face.

"Welcome brother," he greeted and embraced me in a hug, "you look weary, why?"

"He's lovesick," Pollux said.

"His lover went missing days ago along with one of our other friends," Castor said. Hermokrates furrowed his brow, he opened his mouth to say something when Apollosides burst into the room with his same old swagger.

"Artemios!" He exclaimed as he walked closer to us and we clasped hands and patted each other's back.

"Hello brother," I said. His eyes seemed to lack their usual gleam.

"I know you just got back, but my dear Alkmene has been kidnapped. Have you seen her any where?" he asked.

"Alkmene? I haven't seen her in many years... I hardly remember her face," I admitted.

"Well we can give you a refresher of what she looks like," he said, his eyes lighting up instantly. I frowned in confusion.

"You are not our only guests," Hermokrates says, "a girl," -my ears perk, perhaps it's Melika!- " who we have discovered is Alkmene's long lost twin sister, and her... her very dear friend are also here," oh. Melika had no twin sister.

"Come! You must meet her!" Herm exclaims and we walk to the garden there we come across a young couple sitting on a bench in each other's embrace, their backs to us. They seem to be lost in one another's eyes.

"Come on you two! Can't we leave you guys alone for a few seconds and not come back to you guys being all... Blech," Apollosides says. I softly chuckle. Slowly and reluctantly the couple breaks apart and face us.

The ground slips from under my feet as I see their faces. Troilus is holding hands with...

"Melika," I say. Her eyes meet mine and she smiles kindly

"Yes? Do I know?" She asks before looking shyly at Troilus who is smiling lovingly at her. What happened in those three days we were apart?

Sorry for the super short chaoter, but it's very eventful nonetheless, right?! How do you think Melika and Troilus got together so quick? Why don't they remember Artie, Pollux and Castor? Please tell me what you think are the answers to these questions and we shall see what really happened!

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