Ancient Revival: Greek Gods and Heroes

My name is Melika Jones. I'm sixteen years old and am favored by the great Goddess Artemis herself for I'm a great hunter.
When Hades takes my sister to lure me down to the Underworld, I must do what I must to save her, no matter the cost. But, will I be able to avoid becoming his second wife?

Chapter 1

"Every good story begins with Once upon a time"

"A long long time ago, there was a great goddess named-"
"It can't begin like that!" exclaimed Lucy.
"And just why not?"
"Every good story begins with 'Once upon a time' duh!"
"Yeah, fairy tales! This is a legend,"
"Then it's a stupid legend!"
"Then no bed time story," I said as I got up.
"I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!" Lucy exclaimed, it was tradition I tell her a bed time story, this month was Greek Mythology.
"Fine. Where was I?" I asked as I sat down on the bed.
"The very beginning," Lucy said I smiled.
"So a long long time ago, there was a great goddess named Artemis," I began, "she was the daughter of Zeus and Leto. When Hera heard about Leto pregnant with Zeus' children, can you imagine how angry she was?"
"Angrier than when I broke your arrows?"
"A hundred times angrier,"
"Woah," Lucy said with a sigh of fascination.
"So Hera forbade Leto to give birth on mainland and island,"
"So what did Leto do?"
"There was one island who went against Hera's word, and that island was Delos," I said, "Artemis was the first to be born and was her mother's midwife upon the birth of her brother, Apollo,"
"But how could she do it that when she was just a baby?"
"Gods and Goddesses can do whatever they want and don't grow up as we do, I'm not sure but, maybe they grow up faster,"
"Oh," Lucy said.
"So it was from then that Artemis thought that she was chosen by the Fates to be a midwife,," I paused, "and when she was three she sat upon her father Zeus' lap and asked that he grant her six wishes. The first wish was that she was always to be a virgin. The second wish was to have many names to set her apart from her brother Apollo. The third wish was to be the light bringer. The fourth wish was to have a bow and arrow and a knee length tunic so she could hunt. Her fifth wish was to have 60 daughters of Okeanos and 20 Amnisides Nymphs to serve as handmaidens. And her sixth and final wish was to have no cities names after her but, instead let her rule the mountains and to have the ability to help woman in the pains of childbirth," I said.
"Do you think she helped mamma?" Lucy asked. I gave her a sad smile.
"I think she tried her best to help mamma," Lucy nodded her head and I continued the story, "now Artemis is was very well known to be a young virgin and many men wanted to marry her. But, she was very protective of her chastity. Well once there was the brothers Otos and Ephialtes, better known as the Aloadae. They grew big and big so they had boasted that once they were ig enough to reach the heaven, they would kidnap Artemis and Hera and make them their wives. Every God was afraid of them, except Artemis and some say she sent a doe to jump between them where they threw their spears at it but, missed and killed each other. Others say that Artemis herself was the deer," I said.
"Wicked," Lucy exclaimed. I smiled.
"Yep, so do you know what she is the goddess of?"
"Childbirth, virginity, and... and I don't know,"
"She is also the goddess of the hunt, young girls, and can bring and relieve disease and in women," I said, "her symbols are the Golden Bow and Arrow, the hunting dog, the stag, and the moon,"
"She uses bow and arrows just like you!"
"No, it's more like I use bow and arrows like her," I said with a smile.
"I bet you're better than her at hunting,"
"I bet not," I said, "no one is as good as Artemis! And people who think they are... you know what happens to them?"
"They die!" I said and started tickling her. She squealed with laughter and started kicking her feet in the air.
"Alright, good night," I said and tucked her in bed.
"Good night," she said as I kissed her forehead.
I left the door open just a crack so just a little light from the hallway could enter her room.
I sat down on my bed and sighed.
What a bed time story, maybe I'll finish the story of Artemis later on, she is one of my favorite Goddesses.
In my dreams, I dreamed I was running through a forest full of burnt trees, someone was persuing me but, I couldn't see him in the darkness. I fell and scrambled to my feet just in time to see a golden chariot being pulled by golden horned deer, driving it was the great huntress herself, Artemis. She looked at me and spoke, "Wake my dear," she said, "for as I pull my chariot across the sky, you are almost late for a meeting. So now wake up,"
I woke up, beads of sweat covered my forehead. I pulled the blankets back and went to the kitchen, I filled a glass cup with water and drank, I looked at the calender, three more days until Uncle Eric comes back home. I turned around and dropped the cup. Sitting at the table was the most handsome man I ever saw, he looked about nineteen, and had a slight golden glow to him, he had golden brown hair that fell neatly just above his shoulder, and blue eyes with gold flecks. Everything about him was... golden.
I looked down at the glass at my feet, I stepped over it and reached for the broom and dustpan.
"Allow me," the man said as he got up. I froze and he scooped the glass into his hands and dumped them into the trashcan, there was scratches on his hands and he bled. But, he didn't bleed red. No he bled gold. And soon the scratches healed and it was as if he never cut himself with glass.
"Who are?" I asked, then thought about it for a moment, "/what/ are you?"
"I am the great God, Apollo," he said rather proudly.
"I- uh... and what are you doing in my kitchen?"
"We need to talk Melika," he said, his face was very serious as he sat back down. He motioned for me to sit down across from him, I didn't argue but, instead did as ordered.
"So you are Melika Patricia Jones?"
"Good. Well not necessarily but, you are the person I was looking for," he said.
"Have I done something wrong?" I asked, I was puzzled. I knew about Greek Mythology and such but... I never knew they actually.... existed. And now I have the Sun God in my kitchen.
"No nothing, in fact you are a favorite of my sister's," he said casually, with a wave of his hand.
"Would you like something to drink before we get started?" I asked, I was after all his hostess and it would be rude not to offer him something to drink.
"Yes, please. Do you have any wine?" he asked.
"I- um... no. My uncle stopped drinking two years ago," I said, "sorry,"
"Oh well that's fine, I should slow down anyways," he said, "how about some water?"
"Alright," I said and poured him a cup and one for myself.
"Okay so the reason I come to you is because you're in for quite the adventure," he said as I handed him the cup, "thank you,"
"You're welcome," I said as I sat down and took a sip of my water.
"Where was I?" he asked.
"I'm in for an adventure," I said.
"Oh yeah. Thank you. You're in for an adventure soon, and I thought I would give you a gift that will help you," he said and out of nowhere he puled out a a bow and arrows.
"Wow, their beautiful," I said as I grabbed them. The bow was made out of gold with ebony swirling around it. The arrows were ebony with gold tips. It should have been extremely heavy but, it wasn't. Apollo smiled.
"I knew you would like them," he said, "I do have to confess you are a favorite of mine also,"
"Really?" I asked, amazed.
"Yes, for every day as I pull my chariot across the sky, I am blessed to hear your beautiful singing voice whenever I fly above you," I blushed, I always sang but, only in private or when it was just me and Lucy.
"But, back to why I am here," he said, "you must prepare for this journey ahead of you for it will hold many trials and people who will try to mislead you away from your true goal," he said.
"But, what is my-"
"You will find out in due time," he said, "but, now it is time for me to leave, for I must pull my chariot across the sky once more," he stood and he smiled at me before he left in a bright gold flash.
I sat there and admired my new bow and arrow.
"Favored by the Twin Gods, Artemis and Apollo," I said to myself

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