Who Said I Didn't? (An L Love Story)

Chapter 1


The Wammys House was filled with laughter and arguements as childeren ran across the hall, screaming their heads off. Two blondes sat beside eachother, answering math problems they had printed up. "Miku, can you help me with this?" Mika asked looking up at her twin with pleadind eyes. Miku just smiled. The two had arrived at the orphanage only hours ago and had already made theirselves accustomed to it.

The Wammys House was unlike any other orphanage. It was a huge mansion for gifted children. Like an entry exam, they both passed with flying colors. Miku and Mika were one of a kind. Watari had never seen anything like them. The two identical twins had a high IQ. More than your average college student, thats for sure.

Miku was the creative one. She loved to involve herself in anything including art, or what she would call art. Ditzy, she was often called by her twin. But still loved nonetheless. On the other hand, Mika was the exact oposite. She was analytical and loved to think inside the box. Anyone with a brain could tell the two apart, dispite they're destinguishing similar looks. Miku would always be seen doodling and Mika would be answering the most complicated of math problems.

But like a puzzle, they seemed to fit eachother perfectly. Both of the girls stood up and stretched, a yawn escaping their lips. Their green hazel eyes looked at eachother, then back down at the small pile of homework that they just completed. "I'll get it." Mika said snatching the peices of paper form her twins grasp. "I'll sort them out. You should start working on that portrait you're supposed to hand in for Miss. Hiyome."

Miku waved a hand lazily, dismissing her twins suggestion. "I have a month, Mika. I'm sure I'll think of something that's 'dear to me' to draw." She put air quotes around 'dear to me', the exact words Miss. Hiyome said to draw a portrait about. Even thought Miku hadn't seen the gesture, she nodded.

Her twin was always the last minute type, while Mika was always prepared. After sorting out the papers, she put them away inside one anothers desk. "I just hope you don't wait till the next minute." Mika said, worry leaking into her voice. Miku patter a seat beside her and grabbed a small box of chocolates. "Don't worry, Mika. Everything will be fine." Mika smiled up at her twin as a thanks for reassuring her, and took a seat beside the chocoholic.

One thing that the twins didn't know, was that everything woulodn't be fine. Atleast not now.

A pair of red eyes peeked inside the room. His black messy hair in every direction, as the maniac gave a devious smile. Oh, he was going to welcome them. He was going to welcome the twins with open arms. With his plans already devised, he drifted away from the room. The sound of a Shinigami's laugh echoed through the halls of the orphanage. Hopefully, the twins were as intelligent as they led on to be.

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