The Strays

Main character-Elizebeth, goes by ellie.
Female, Fun out going,loves school, gets good grades,athletic.people person,loves family.

When a massive gamma ray explosion occurs on the earth 70% of the worlds population is gone. Ellie loses her family from the explosion and must do everything to survive.

Chapter 1

The explosion

by: yannis13
"Everyone get down to the basement now!!" My mom roared.

Everyone in the world had been predicting for two weeks something was going to happen to the world but no one knew what.The weather became extremely hot everywhere.Miles of glaciers in the north and south pole had been melting by the minute.
My family and I had built a fort in our basement.Prepared for anything.My father had bought barrels of food and stored it there.

Everyone scurried to the basement my whole family was crying As they rushed into the basement.We heard a noise sounding like a massive Bomb. the noise got closer, and closer. We huddled into the little room in our basement.
My nine-year old sister ,Mae was screaming to the top of her lungs.Ethan my older brother was hovering over telling her to quiet down.My mother and father were the closest near the door.My mother was crying in my dads arms.My dad had a wondrous expression across his face that I couldnt decipher.
I was in the corner shaking.Tears running down my cheeks.The light shatered.peice of glass scraping the forhead of my brother Ethan.He didnt even flinch.My sister lowered her voice nd began to whimper quietly.Then it became very dark.Pitch black.Everyone was quiet.
"Its gonna be alright, kiddos."My dad said with shreiking pain in his voice.He said that everytime we were discouraged or troubled.

The noise got closer it began to hurt my ears.All of a sudden a massive wave of pain intruded my body.I screeched in agony.My mother quickly crawled near me and touched my shoulder.The pain increased.I screamed louder.
The pain stopped my eyes gently closed.

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