The Book of Answers

Chapter 6

Begging for the Past

two trains run along seperate tracks
they chug along gracefully and blissfuly aware of each other
one carries coal and cargo one with people
the people smile at the opposite train
and they coast over the swelling country side together
they never cross never stray from the destination
both trains determined to reach the station at the same time
this is no race no competition it's a dependency
they must reach the station together or not at all
the people lost sight of this however
they were caught up in the journey and not the destination
they forgot to smile back at the opposite engine
and it derailed keeping it's cargo intact
the people soared on not caring
the station they never reached
and the tracks they set on fire
loneliness entered the cars and drenched all on the train in pain
they roll on for all eternity and never stop their painful ride to nowhere

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