The Book of Answers

Chapter 3

The Reconfiguration

I see not, I here not, and speak not
I walk invisible, unexlainable, and unexplicible
an over whelming feeling of absolutly no emotion rushes over me
I begin to feel nothing makes a dent on the course of time
here in the vally of our minds
people walk under the moon light
and sleep 'neath the sun
and except the opposite but not the other
those beyond the vally come to the cliffs
they stare down at the strange people
the laugh because those in the vally trust their minds
insanity is truely the behaviour of a sane man
those in the vally walk on water
they travel backwards on their hands
nothing is the way it should be
and yet they trust this way and progress in it
they do this all because they convinced themself
that their was this thing this idea long ago
little do they know the moon is the sun and sleep is an illusion
what was it i asked my self
I studied this question with persistance
I walked among the people of the vally
they told me stories and I slipped away
I was lost in their ways
I started to make sense of things in only one way
my mind grew dull i saw things upside down
and slept under the sun
my jaw grew strong from a sense of authority
then i was hit by something not physical but an idea
and i called it reality and I lived in it

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