The Book of Answers

Chapter 2

Free From Irony

my mind and mine alone leeds me down a sunny path
my barefoot tracks arn't accompanied by others
this path i shape and reshape to my liking
I walk in solitude with my company
I get my own way and they get theirs
no boundries stop this path
and it travels across the world
conversation never stops in the complete silence
i stop and go
rest and wake
forward and back through time
the fire always burns but doesn't destroy
precision is my goal
yet i try and miss the mark
I live in a world where anarchy and order coexist
I live in a world where love and anger coexist
time stands still and moves
i have broken the chains of illusion
yet illusion grips me most of all
I'm free from irony and hypocracy
but now i slip back to the darkened light of truth
my heart sinks as i relize
contradiction has contradicted it's self
and freedom cannot be reality

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