The Book of Answers

Chapter 1

Evaporating Happiness

The sharp knife desguised as a soft pillow
slowly we bleed a happy warm blood
the red elixour dripps day by day down our face
we smile as it hits our chin and dribbles off
cut we were from the burning passion of life
removed we were inch by inch
like a barnacle from the hull of a ship
slowly they pryed us out and away
and unaware we were of the coming storm
if it is darkest just before the dawn
we were blind in the night feeling our way through a blank feild
unkowing like a cow collecting the stings of bees
but as the sun rose our eyes shed scales
but the dawn also came with hesitance
and the scales shed slowly as our bliss wrought away
a melon our a bush grew in our stomach
weighing us down untill we could not walk
they road us as a mule untill we could not crawl
the beat us till we were slack mouthed
so we lay motionless atop the amber grass
beauty enveloped us, annoyed us, filled us with hate
our face red, our heart thumping, we try to scream
but produce silent, streaming tears
which sizzle and disappear as they hit the ground
a sea of birds washes over us as try to move but cannot
we lay as they disapear into the forrest beyond
we stare at the sky until dusk
when darkness fallls we stand up
we brush our trousers off and smile once more
as they return pricking the needle on our forehead
once more we bleed untill we fall at dawn only to wake again at dusk
death is deep but i fear that it is better than this

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