A Story...O.O . Omg No Way! HEY SHUT UP. YOU SHUT UP. FVCK YOU. FVCK YOU!.....Anyways,

A Story...O.O . Omg No Way! HEY SHUT UP. YOU SHUT UP. FVCK YOU. FVCK YOU!.....Anyways,

To: Kailey!

To Others, You Wont understand this story unless you who know the following people are: Corey Taylor, Zach Myers, Kailey, Brent Smith, Christofer Drew, Dwight, Jim Root, Hayden Kaiser, & Meeeeeeeee!

P.S. I Explain What everyone Looks Like First Just So You can Get A Picture Of Everything.

Chapter 1


Brents House

Once upon a day, Brent Smith, Was watching TV
& eating popcorn in his living room With Zach Myers
(Zach had his hair pulled back he wore black jeans and a white long-sleve shirt) (Brent Had Long-ish black Hair, And he wore a black sweater with old jeans)

When they herd a sharp piched ring but dont worry
this was a fumilier ring. Brent stood up off his sofa
and walked to the door as Zach Followed. Errrrreh at
the door was corey Taylor who was holding a beer, wearing
a plain grey shirt and boot cut pants he looked at Zach and Brent
in Front Of Him and then says in a crokey voice

"Hey, theres gonna be a party over at jims, you guys gotta come....oh sh|t i almost forgot Brent you got car pool"

"Shure. right now?" Brent replyed as zach stood there beside him in silence

".....Uh no. its five year's from now.." Corey Answerd Sarcasticly
"Yeah Right Now! com'on lets get in the van."

Brent Smiled as zach laugh, Before all three jumped
into the van. Brent In the driver, seat while corey got
buckled up in the passengers. RIMMM The engine
has started brent pulls out the drive way heading to
there destination zach rides in the trunk
(He really wanted to XD ).

"Alright, first stop," Corey Said breaking the silence "Haydens house chris is there to so we dont need to make a second stop"

18 minutes later they arived.

Pulling Up to haydans pavment drive-way
Knock Knock Knock


The door opens and standing in the breeze-way is christofer drew. (Wearing a black Romones T-Shirt, riped up black jeans, with his ciggerett on his right hand, his bad-ash bear hat...............& wearing no shoes.)

"Hey Bro's, Haydens Lookin' for his shoes.." Chris Says giggling.

"Im Ready Im Ready!" Haydan Mumbels Putting on one flip-flop
before the other.(Hayden Is Wearing A Plain White Shirt & Black
skinny jeans which had a hole in his left leg)

Brent Says "About time lets go guys! We got one more stop"

"To Dwights House we go!!!" Corey Shout's

Then At the same time they all shout yayy! and throwing there fist's in the air. at Dwights amazing-ness..DamnStraight...

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