Please...just read....

Here comes goodbye....and there goes my heart....

Chapter 2

Clear Conscious :)

First off, I have to thank you all for caring so much about me and the predicament I went through. It wasn't easy, but I would like all of you to know I'm fine, and that I couldn't feel more happy that I have so many wonderful friends such as you all :)

I read all the comments on this little story thing so far, and there are a few shout-outs I would like to give to some people in order to answer questions, clarify some things, and emphasize that I really am okay :)

To As_You_Wish:
Yes, I have pulled through it. I was just caught up in the moment and couldn't really help myself. But, I am fine. Sure, the hurt will be there and probably scars, but there's no point in dwelling on the past when I still have almost all of my life left ahead of me.

I did need to hear that. There is someone out there who is worth my tears, and that they will never make me cry, at least not in the way I did yesterday. Thank you :)

To Missing_You:
I actually don't want her to come back....she's better off without me, if she didn't trust me with some very important things about herself. I probably learned just as much about her through her friends - my friends - then I did through her. That kind of killed my trust in her, which will only take God knows how long for her to recover. But since the trust was ruined, I'm moving on, and there's no point in looking back.

To Lady_Blonde:
Yea, lots of terrible relationships here....not going into that. Trying to be happy :P But yea, I guess you're right. No use crying over spilled milk. And thank you :) I know you were being sincere when you said that. So, once again, thank you, because that's just what I needed to hear :)

To Angelica_Rose:
I completely agree with you. I once had a pastor tell me that sometimes you need to be broken down in order to be built back up. That statement couldn't be any truer. I'd like to point out, however, that in showing my weakness, I am also strong for not being afraid to show that, but I guess it depends on the situation, wouldn't you agree? :P

To GodsKoolGirl:
Yea, I've made up a little saying myself for things like this a while ago: "If something or someone is truly yours, then let them go. If they come back, then it's meant to be. If not, then keep fishing." It's almost like a philosophy that I live by or something xD but thank you :) God doesn't put me through anything He knows I can't handle. I'm already feeling better, and it's thanks to Him. He gave me amazing friends who understand and care for me, and that's more than I could ever ask for :)

To weasleygurl13:
Growing up is kind of scary, actually. Sure, my parents may get on my nerves, but I don't want to leave their kind, guiding arms. At least not yet.

To Saphire_Flames:
Yes, Hayley broke up with me. But no, I am not deleting my account. I never would. Why would I? I met so many amazing people through here, deleting would be a waste of time and disappoint many. I put others before me naturally, so there's no way I'm going to delete :)

To Post_Glaceon_Dragon_Tamer:
Yes, I will believe and remain strong. I also came up with another saying, "Follow your heart and it will lead you on adventures you never imagined." My heart is telling me to move on and forget the past. My heart is guiding me to God, where I will find my one true happiness for all of eternity. :)

To Fire_Ice_Electric:
I don't care if she comes back to me....sure, I'll feel for her, but she ruined my trust in her, and I don't know how long it will take for that to be built back up. The best thing to do is move on. There's nothing else I really can do, unless I want to fall into the deep dark depths of depression once and for all...which, I swear I will never do :) No, I'm not deleting. Never will.

To Music_is_a_healer:
It felt like more than a knife. Like my heart had been ripped out, stomped on, thrown into a blender, then hung over the pits of hell until I completely evaporated and faded from existence. That's no understatement. But I'm all better now; I was just caught up in the moment of last night. Thank you to everyone who shares that account of yours :) haha
(P.S. No, I will not delete my account. Not now, not ever!)

To Head_Heart_HP:
I think it was just you xD I don't know who else she could possibly like, since she goes to church, and I know as a fact that there's no one in her neighborhood whom she could grow to like (one of my friends used to live in her neighborhood, so I got to know most of the people there). No one convinced her, either, since both of her parents were out of town when she did break up with me. And all of her church friends said that they "approved" of me, so why would they tell her otherwise? Besides, school isn't in session now where I am, so there's no pressure from there. I guess she just had a change of heart.

To TheMaladaptiveDaydreamer:
You're right, I did almost get through it straight away. And, again, you're right when you say the only way to move on is through. Wise words that helped me greatly, so thank you :)

I'm blessed to have so many friends who care about me. I can't thank those who I replied to and everyone else who has friended me here on Quibblo. You guys mean the world to me, and I could never, ever live without you guys :) God definitely blessed me when He gave me each and every one of you. He gave me funny people, He gave me serene people, He gave me understanding people, and, most importantly, He gave me people who cared. So, from the bottom of my heart, to every word I will ever write upon this very website, I love you all like you were my own family :)

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