Love At First Prank Call (Draco Malfoy Love Story)

Name: Tygress Barishford.
Hair: Naturally black, but she dyed hot pink/glow in the dark.
Eyes: Silver.
Personality: Three words: Gothic, punk, and fashionista.
Family: All of them are very classy, and smart, and strict. They come from a dynasty of business tycoons.
House: Slytherin.
Hobbies: Rebelling, annoying teachers/peers/government, playing electric guitar WAY too loud, teaming up with Fred and George, and pulling Weasley style pranks.

Chapter 1

Prank Call #1

I am Tygress Barishford, daughter of Business Tycoon 1 and his strict dictator, I mean, wife. Sister to two perfectly classy little boys. Seriously, they act like little business men. Even though I was the oldest, the only thing I was inheriting was their accent.
You see, I'm a disappointment. I'm what one might call, rebellious. Punk. Moody. Annoying. Defies-all-possible-rules-within-short-amount-of-time. A combination of Gothic punk and fashionista. Basically, I'm me.
Deal with it.
Right now.
Otherwise you might want to stop reading this story, because I will curse your fvcking face off. Oops, my dad wants me to stop swearing.
Too fvcking bad.
So anyway, I was bored, so I walked in my dad's study (which I am not allowed in), sat in his swivel chair (which I am definitely not allowed in), kicked my stiletto boots off (which I am not allowed to do anywhere), and put my feet on his desk (which if my dad had known the fact that I did that alone he'd go into conniptions). I got my dad's business phone and put a charm on it so that whoever I called would not be able to hang up. Only I could hang up. I dialed random numbers and put the phone to my ear. "Hello?" That voice was familiar... "Who is this?" he demanded. "Hello, Draco." I said, smiling evilly. "Who is this? I demand to know!" "Didn't you say you'd be scared of me forever after my last prank?" "Fvck." I grinned. "Tygress? What the helI are you doing, calling me? Got a crush?" "HelI no. I was prank calling this number and it happened to be yours." "Yeah, right." he scoffed. "You'll pay for that." "I believe you! I believe you!" "I know you believe me. But you'll pay for the got a crush thing. Really?" I scoffed. "That's ridiculous. I should expect more from such a prestigious, high and mighty BRAT from YOUR family line." "I am not a brat!" he said. "Take a look in a mirror, Mama's boy." I then hung up, waiting for him to call back. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. RING. I answered. "What do you want?" I growled. "Is your father at home?" said some business man. "No. You've reached his receptionist. May I direct your call?" I was searching on the internet for pinata factories as I spoke. "No, can you take a message?" "I can't. I'll direct your call directly to him, don't worry." "Thank you." he said. I directed his call to a Mexican pinata factory that also sold "legal" car parts. Evil grin. RING. "What do you want?" "Your pizza's here." said the pizza guy. "I'll be downstairs!" I said, racing downstairs. What? Yes, I ordered pizza, and yes, I paid with my dad's money. So? He's got millions more to spare. He won't notice 20 bucks from his wallet gone. I think so, anyway. "Yay! Thanks!" I said, grabbing my pizza and running back to my dad's study. RING. "Who is this?" I growled on my dad's phone. "Tygress, don't prank me!" "Fine." I said, picking up my wand. "Really?" "No." I said, casting a spell to make water rush out of the phone on the other end. "You're such a-" The rest of his sentence was cut off because the water coming out of his phone. I hung up. I heard the door open downstairs. "Shoot." I said, grabbing my pizza and trying to run out of my dad's study before I got caught. I wasn't fast enough. "TYGRESS BARISHFORD!" my dad bellowed. "You're grounded!" "I know." I said, rolling my eyes and going to my room. "Hey, Fred." I said, calling him and his brother on my cell. "What's up, Tygress?" Fred said. "I just prank called someone, and it was someone I knew. Guess who?" "Um...Hermione?" "Nope, I hate this person." "You called Draco Malfoy on a prank call? Wow, Tygress." I smiled proudly. "Listen I have this great plan for a prank on Malfoy. He said got a crush? to me on the phone because I called him on a prank call. He thinks I've already pranked him." I grinned. "He's wrong." Over the phone, Fred and I started discussing the important parts of the plan, like hair dye, video cameras, and the Great Hall. This is gonna be awesome.
Comment! I just had to write about a Gothic punk-fashionista. My unamed friend helped.
Tell me your thoughts and ideas! Seriously, I haven't planned this story at all.


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