I Don't Care What They Say, I'm In Love With You...(A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

I Don't Care What They Say, I'm In Love With You...(A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

What if you start falling in love with your worst enemy? What if he feels the same way about you but is afraid to admitt it because you're a "Blood Traitor"? What if your friends brothers and sister hate him? What if you had to decide if he even deserves your love? How can you over come so many obstacles? Are you strong enough? Are you brave enough? Would he even care? Would you two ever make it as a couple?

Chapter 3

Mad World

(/Sorry if it isn't that good! I had to rewrite everthing because it erased for some reason! No Fair:(/)

The door opened and Malfoy barshed in with RED hair. We all started to laugh not able to hold in.
"Hello Draco Weasley,"said Fred with a smile.
"Don't call me like that!!! Change my hair back...NOW!,"he said.
"And what makes you think we know how to?,"asked George.
"Because you two did this to me!!!,"said Malfoy. He looked like a little kid throwing a tantrum.
"Sorry to tell you mate but we didn't,"said Fred going near him.
"This won't stay like this, you hear me!,"he said before he marched out.
"Wow you;ve two really done it this time...how long will he have "Weasley Hair"?,"I asked them.
"A week,"they both said at the same time.
"Well, the girls and me are going to go change into our robes,"I said as I stood up with Ginny and Hermione.
We left and the whole way we couldn't stop talking about what Fred and George did to Malfoy.
When we returned I notice the guys a little bit excited and jumpy. Then I remember what I said to them. Before I could get out of there, the guys ran outside and closed the door leaving me Ginny and Hemione trapped inside.
"What are they going to do?,"asked Ginny scared. I saw Fred throw something inside. As soon as it made contact with the ground smoke started to fiil the compartment. It started to smell so bad.
All three of ran towards the door,but it was no use the damage had been done. The smoke started to clear slowly, and when it did Ginny scrammed. My mouth dropped open, I couldn't believe they had done this to us. They messed with our hair!!!!!
All three of us had blond almost white, like Draco's natural hair color. I felt my blood boil, how could they do this to us!?
I looked at them and they were laughing at our expression. I opened the door and tackled Fred and George to the ground.
"YOU GITS!!,"I scarmmed at them as I punched them over and over again. People were athering by now. Hermione and Ginny took me off of them.
"You two better run, or you will be next,"I said to Ron and Harry. They looked at each other and nodded before running off. I looked up to see Draco looking at me surprise with a smirk on his face.
I quickly went back to the compartment half embarrassed. I've never really lost control like this, but they know how much I love my hair. They know how much I take care of it, and how much I love it! Plus, you never mess with a girls hair!
They all came back, and I stayed quiet looking out the window.
"We are sorry mate,"said Fre dspeaking to me when he noticed I wasn't going to speak to them.
"Don't worry you'll have your barbie hair back in no time,"said Ron. I simply glared at him. I still wasn't ready to talk to them.
"Guy leave her alone. You know how much she loves her hair, and you just mess with it. Don't be surprise if you end up looking like your mom again,"said Hermione. Last time they prank me, I made them look like mom for a whole month.
When the train came to a complete stop everybody stood up except for me. I stayed thinking, and they me thinking wasn't good for them. They left not wanting to be near when I had my thoughts well thought out.
After a while I got tired and decided it was time to get down. I walked towards the carriages. When I got there I noticed that there was only one left, and Luna was in it.
"Hey Luna,"I said as I sat next to her.
"Hey Sam...oh. I've seen you've traded hair color with Malfoy,"she said as she looked over my shoulder. I followed her gaze to see Draco coming our way. He looked at me before he got on.
The carriage started to move and we stayed quiet. Out of the conner of my eye I saw Draco staring at me.
"Can I help you?,"I asked him annoyed.
"I love your hair color Ms.Malfoy,"he said with a smirk. I knew he wasn't going to let this one go.
"I could say the samething Mr.Weasley,"I replied cold. He dropped his smirk.
"You'll never make a good Malfoy...you're to much of a blood traitor,"he said with the same tone.
"And your to much of a git to make a Weasley,"I said trying to stay calm but I couldn't. He knew how to push my buttons. It had been the same thing over and over again with him. We couldn't even look at each other without fighting.
"And guess what? I prefer to be called a "Blood Traitor" than be an arrogant cockroach,"I spat in his face. I'm tired of going through the same thing each day with this boy. He needs to learn that he just can't push over me or any Weasley!
"Wow! Spoken like a true Gryffindor,"he said sarcastic making this face that made me laugh. For a secound there I thought I saw him smile.
"What?,"he asked.
"Not to sound rude...but your face,"I said telling him the truth. After all his facial expression was the one that made me laugh.
"Your's ain't to good to look at either,"he said with crooked smile as the carriage came to a complete stop.
"You don't stay to far behind,"I replied with a smirk as I got down and started making my way towards the castle...........

Sorry again if it sucked! I had something much better but it got erased:(
Well, anyways Comment Please:)

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