I Don't Care What They Say, I'm In Love With You...(A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

I Don't Care What They Say, I'm In Love With You...(A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

What if you start falling in love with your worst enemy? What if he feels the same way about you but is afraid to admitt it because you're a "Blood Traitor"? What if your friends brothers and sister hate him? What if you had to decide if he even deserves your love? How can you over come so many obstacles? Are you strong enough? Are you brave enough? Would he even care? Would you two ever make it as a couple?

Chapter 2

The Train Station

Laughter, loud voices, and screaming filled the King's Cross Station. Which mean only one thing,,,,,The Weasleys have arrived.
I was talking and laughing with Ginny. I may be Ron's twins, but me and Ginny are more alike.
"Sier,dear,please take care of your brothers,"said my mom when we got to platform 9 and 10.
"Don't worry mom, I will,"I told her with a smile.
"How come you asked her to take care of us?,"asked George acting like he was just insulted.
"Yeah, WE are older than her,"said Fred acting the same way.
"You may be older by age, by not mental,"I replied to both of them with a smirk. They looked at each other and smiled, which means I'm going to pay later for saying what I said.
"Ok George go,"said my mom, but Fred went instead.
"You do know I'm George right?,"asked George as he went through the wall. My mum simply rolled her eyes, she always got them confused.
"That's is why I like you two better, there is no way I can ever confuse you two,"she said speaking to me and Ron. Me and Ron laughed, becauseshe did confused us before. When we were little.
"Okay Sier it's your turn,"she said. I took a deep breath. I've done this a million times before, but I always get scared. What if I don't pass through? What if a muggles sees us? Not that they will, but it still goes through my head.
I looked at the brick wall and started to run towards it. Before I got there I closed my eyes. Soon I started to hear Fred's and George's laughters, I've made it through safe.
"That never gets old,"they both told me when I opened my eyes. They've always laughed at my expression. Before I could respounde Ron came through the wall follewed by Ginny.
"Come on let's get on,before there's no empty compartments,"I said. We dropped our bags off and got on the train. We started looking for and empty compartment.
I was starting to think we weren't going to find one when Ginny called us over. We walked towards her and entered, but not everybody stayed.
"I'm going to go find Harry and Hermione and tell them to come sit with us,"said Rn as he walked out.
"And we are of to prank the first the years and the Slytherins,"said Fred and George.
"Take it easy on the first years, we don't want them to be afraid of Hogwarts,"I called after them.
"No promisses,"Fred yelled back. I smiled knowing them they won't take it easy on anybody.
I sat back down and looked at Ginny who had a huge smile. I knew it was because she was about to see Harry.
"Want me to do you a french braid so you can impress Harry?,"I asked her. She looked at me with side eyes and quickly covered my mouth.
"SHHH! I don't want anybody to hear you,"she said half scared. I took her hand out of my mouth and rolled my eyes.
"You want to yes or no?,"I asked her. She simply smiled and nodded. She sat next to me giving me her back. I started to work on her hair, doing her a french braid bun. When I was done she turned and looked at me and she looked so pretty.
"You look amazing,"I told her with a smile.
"I'll say,"said Hermione entering with Ron and Harry.
When Ginny saw Harry there was this glow that filled her. Like she was the happiest gir in the planet.
They sat infront of us and we started catching up. We were having such a great time, when Fred and Goerge came rushing in.
"What did you two do?,"I asked knowing them so well.
"Well we were pranking the first year when we saw Malfoy,"said Fred.
"So Fred pranked him by throwing him our new invention. The Sti-Lor Bomb,"said George.
"What's a Sti-Lor Bomb?,"asked Ron.
"Well,it's a bomb that when it makes contact with the floor releases smokes and it starts smelling really bad,"said Fred.
"And then it turns your hair into a different color,"finished George.
"What color did it turn Malfoy's hair?,"asked Hermione.
Nobody had the chance to respound. The door open and Malfoy barshed in with............................

Hope you liked it:) I'm bearly starting so don't expect them to love each other right away...after all they are enemies.:)

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