I Don't Care What They Say, I'm In Love With You...(A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

I Don't Care What They Say, I'm In Love With You...(A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

What if you start falling in love with your worst enemy? What if he feels the same way about you but is afraid to admitt it because you're a "Blood Traitor"? What if your friends brothers and sister hate him? What if you had to decide if he even deserves your love? How can you over come so many obstacles? Are you strong enough? Are you brave enough? Would he even care? Would you two ever make it as a couple?

Chapter 1

Meeting Sierra Samantha Weasley

Nmae: Sierra Samantha Weasley

Nicknames: Sier, Si, Sammy, Sam,

House: Gryffindor

Siblings: Ron(Twin), Fred, George, Ginny, Charlie, Percy, and Bill

Year: 5th

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Long Curly Red

Height: 5'5

Blood Status: Pure Blood(considered a blood traitor)

Patronus: Wolf

Wand: 12 Inch, Poenix Feather, Willow

Friends: Hermione, Harry, Seamus, Neville, Luna, Cho, and Hannah

Bio: She is Ron twin sister, she is older by ten minutes. She is verry close to her family. She knows family is the number one thing in life, especially if your a Weasley. She is brave, loyal, mean at times, smart, clever, satand up for what she believes in, and won't take anything from anybody!!!

Songs For Story:
Wait For You-Kyla(Sierra's POV)
Breakeven-The Script(Draco Malfoy's POV)
Release Me-Agnes(Sierra's POV)
Pretending-Glee Cast(Both)
Slow Life-Grizzly Bear(Sierra's POV)
Living Proof-Downtown Fiction(Draco Malfoy's POV)
The Reason-Hoobastank(Draco Malfoy's POV)
Iris-Goo Goo Dalls(Draco Malfoy's POV)
Hate That I Love-Ne-yo and Rihanna(Both)
Hearin Damge-Thom Yorke(Sierra's POV)
Arms-Christina Perri(Sierra's POV)
What Part Of Forever-Cee Lo Green(Sierra's POV)
Turning Tables-Adele(Sierra's POV)
Living Proof-Downtown Fiction(Draco Malfoy's POV)
Home-Goo Goo Dolls(Draco Malfoy's POV)
Mad-Ne-yo(Draco Malfoy's POV)
Steal Your Heart-Augustana(Draco's Malfoy's POV)

Main Song:
Bleeding Love-Leona Lewis

The Songs Will Give A Taste About What The STory Will Be About Sorry There's A Lot Though

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