- A Twisted Life: A Draco Malfoy Love Story

- A Twisted Life: A Draco Malfoy Love Story

Hey! Ok. This Story is actually my "Hogwart's Love Story". I've just decided to put it all together on one story. So, this will be the story I add onto.
I wanna say thanks to breanna_nicole_summers for ALL the help she has given me, and especially for the title, also, thanks to Fredandgeorgeluvr who has helped with ideas, both are characters in my stories =) (Bree and Lexy Lupin)
Ok, soo, im running out of room, but please rate this for me? Thanks! =)

Chapter 1

First Day Back!

Name: Chelsea Orialison
-Goes by Zai, Chelsea, Chels
Status: Pure-blood
Age: 15
Year: 4th
Hair: Long, dark-brown wavy hair
Eyes: Piercing, glacier-blue
You have a thing for piercings, you have your belly button, nose, first and second holds, tragus, and cartilage piercings done.
Also, you dont have a british accent. You sound like an american, which is where you were born.
It's the day you go back to Hogwart's. Your parents couldn't be more proud of their daughter, you hugged them one last time and got onto the train. They waved to you as the train departed, with a smile, you walked up the train to find a compartment to sit in. You came across an empty one, 'good' you thought to yourself, 'finally i can have some time to chill, and relax'. You put your trunk and luggage onto the rack and sat down, you looked out the window, and you heard knowcking on the door. You turned your head and saw Harry, Ron and Hermione. a HUGE smile had spread across your face, and you jumped up and hugged them. "I missed you guys so much!" you yelled, they started laughing. Hermione took a seat next to you, and Harry and Ron across from you.
"So Chelsea how was your summer?" Harry asked.
You thought for a moment "it was ok... how about you guys?" you motioned to everybody else. Hermione and Ron started telling you how they all spent the summer together, and how Fred and George kept pranking Mrs. Weasley. You couldn't help but laugh. Eventually, you zoned out while they were talking among themselves. You started to remember back to last year, and the years before, about how you were sorted into Slytherin, and how Draco was always an a-s-s to you. You thought about your best friend in Slytherin, Bree Summers. You wondered where she was. But Hermione snapped you back into reality, and told you there was somebody at the door for you. You looked, it was your best friend Bree, with her emerald eyes, and light brown hair. You got up and pulled her into a tight hug. "Bree! I haven't seen you in forever!" you told her, she let go and laughed "i know, you should come sit with me" she smiled, and glared at Harry, Ron and Hermione. You looked back at them, "would you guys mind if i left?" They hesitantly nodded no. You thanked them with a hug, and took your things to Brees compartment, you opened the door and saw Blaise and..... Draco. The person you didn't really want to see. She helped you put your stuff back onto the racks. She sat next to Blaise.. so you were left with no choice but to sit next to Draco. You and him used to be friends.. before he started acting like an a-s-s to you. "Hello Chelsea" Blaise said. You looked at him and replied "hey...".
Bree looked at you, "Ok, Chelsea.. I couldn't wait any longer to tell you, but i'm with Blaise!" she told you in excitement, you werent really sure how to reply, seeing as though you didn't even know she liked him. "thats great bree! and Blaise" you said. "thanks" they said together. You leaned back in your seat and played with your wand. "So Orialison... Why were you hanging out with the mud-blood, blood traiter and.. Potter?" Draco asked coldly. "I dont believe thats any of your buisness Draco.." you said simply. He looked aggravated, and you knew it. You didnt care. You fell asleep until you got to Hogwarts. When you woke up, you kept your eyes closed, and heard talking between Blaise and Draco. "Summers is pretty hot Blaise, howd you manage to get her?" You heard Draco ask mockingly. Blaise didnt say anything, he just laughed, and asked draco if he was jealous. "Why would I be jealous, I can get any girl i want!" draco protested. You stood up. "Yeah right Draco, you can only get Pansy, and thats only because she throws herself at everybody, even you" You smirked, and went to grab your things off the shelf. Draco looked at you and rolled his eyes. "Yeah right Orialison, just wait and see". You rolled your eyes and walked off of the bus. You walked with Bree to the Slytherin common room, and found out you two shared a dorm. You were excited about this. You unpacked your things, put your kitten Chaos on your bed, and your bat Shade on a table next to your window, and told her to go sly around and eat. It squeaked and took off. You layed back on your bed until Bree was finished unpacking. You and her walked down to the Great Hall for the feast. She took a spot next to Blaise, you next to her. You listened to Dumbledores speech, and then the sorting begun. You got a few new people in Slytherin, a few in Gryffindor, a bunch in Huffle Puff, and about 3 in Ravenclaw. Cheers erupted from every table during the sorting ceremony. After that, the feast began, you started eating when you heard somebody call out your name. You looked to see where it was coming from. It was Pansy. You hated her with every bit of your heart. You got up, wand out, and went over to her. "Why do you want Parkinson" You spat with so much acid in your voice she stepped back. "Look Orialison,dont even talk to Draco this year. Hes mine, and if you try anything, i SWEAR to you, your going to regret it" she started raising her wand, but you were too fast for her, you raised your wand to her throat "Go ahead Pansy. TRY IT. See what happens, I guarentee you ill tear you up. I suggest you shut your ugly a-s-s up, get the heII out of my face, and dont EVER threaten me again." She glared at you and walked away. You were shaking. You havent been this angry before. You went to sit back down, and you noticed about half of the Slytherin table was staring at you, wide-eyed, and dropped jaws. "Chelsea! You should of blasted her teeth out!" Bree yelled. everybody started laughing. "Wow Orialison. I didnt know you had enough guts to stand up to Pansy" You turned and saw Draco smirking, "Obviously you dont know much do you Draco" You replied, and gave him a small smile. You continued eating and then....

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