Shadow of my Heart

My first story. Don't be mean. Please rate and comment! I'll write another chapter if i get enough comments. Thank you.

Chapter 2


Kyle stares from the edge of the treeline, his eyes shining. He is staring at Damian with unsuppressed rage. I look back and forth between them, my face frozen in horror.

"What the hell are you doing to her?!" Kyle shouts and steps forward. Now Damian can really see him. Now Damian can find him.

"I am teaching her a lesson. She is mine, and she has disobeyed me." Damian stands smoothly and faces Kyle. Kyle steps forward some more, and i shoot him a warning glance, but he ignores me. I stay where i am, because if i do, Damian will hurt me again.

"She isn't yours. I don't know who the hell you think you are, but you need to get away from her."

Damian smiles charmingly at Kyle, then kicks me hard in the stomach. I clench my teeth, trying not to scream. But he just kicks me again. My tears bleed into the dirt below me.

"Stop!" Kyle charges at Damian and knocks him down. I scramble back frantically, my hands barely able to keep me up.

Damian has turned Kyle over and is punching him in the face repeatedly. He probably won't stop until there is nothing but a bloody pulp.

I take this chance to run. When i've been beaten almost everyday for the past year, i don't care about Kyle's well-being. I just trust that he can get himself out of a situation like this. I've only known him for fifteen minutes, but he seems really sweet.

I run until i find a busy street. People are walking up and down the sidewalk, minding there normal, everyday problems. I despise them.

I run into the 7-11 and ignore the man behind the counter. I walk into one of the small deserted isles and pull out my cell-phone. 8:02. Crap. Jen always goes to the bathroom early into the day, and i just have to hope that she waited until first period to chat with Selena Hart in the bathroom.

I scroll through my contacts and press call once i find Jen's number. She picks up after three rings.

"Hey, cupcake. What's up?" Jen's voice is cheerful, totally not appropriate for my situation.

"Kyle, that guy that you know? Where is his house?"

"Do you like him already? God, i need to keep him away from my friends from now on." I can hear Selena in the background, her shrill voice interrupting Jen.

"Where is his house?"

"It's right down the street from yours. 625 Maple Tree Ct."

"Thank you so much. I can't talk right now."

I hang up despite her protests. I should've known that i couldn't just leave Kyle behind. If he gets away, the first place he'll go is his house. I have to wait there. If he doesn't show up within an hour, i'll search for him.

So as not to draw suspicion, i buy a bag of Doritos and a bottle of Gatorade. I throw in a candy bar, too. The dude behind the counter looks at me suspiciously the entire time, but he wouldn't dare call up a paying customer.

When i walk out, i try to blend in with everyone else, just in case Damian took the liberty to follow me. The group that i'm laughing with looks at me suspiciously, but i shoot them beseeching glances, my eyes watering helplessly. The old lady that I'm standing next to pats my back kindly and lets me join in, much to the dismay of her granddaughters. The girls are a little uncomfortable with me, probably because i'm a stranger, or that I'm just in high school and they're in college, or maybe a little bit of both. So their grandma does most of the talking, and i'm sad when i have to leave them. The lady waves at me and nudges her granddaughters, who also give me a timid wave.

I run down streets till i find mine. I run inside of my vacant house and into the kitchen. I dump out everything from my bag except for my journal. I leave it there and hastily write a note to my sister Katrina.

It's me, Nikki. I need to leave. I don't know when i'll be back, but i need to leave. It'll be okay. I'm taking some food, but you'll probably notice that. You can tell Mom and Dad everything. Yes, I mean everything about me and Damian. I love you all. Can you please take care of my cat? Drina won't mind if i'm gone, so she won't hurt you. I love you.

A tear falls onto the little pad of paper. I rub it off and leave the paper on the counter. I pack chips, water, cookies, and packaged fruit in front of my journal. My bag is bursting at the seams by the time i am finished packing food. I quickly find a gym bag and pack some other stuff. Like a flashlight, hand sanitizer, and pads. I pack a change of clothes. At the last minute, i run upstairs and pack my savings. 420 dollars. Everyone always respects my decisions, so they left me be when i said that i wanted to keep my money under my bed. It's come in handy now, though.

I run out of the house and lock the door behind me. I dash down the street and search for Kyle's house. When i find it, i wait on the bottom step, my head in my hands. In less than five minutes, a figure looms over me. I lift my head and shield my eyes from the sun.

"Oh, thank god, Kyle. We need to leave. Now." I remove my hand from my eyes and gawk at the figure in front of me.

"Who's Kyle?" my sister, Katrina, asks.

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