Shadow of my Heart

My first story. Don't be mean. Please rate and comment! I'll write another chapter if i get enough comments. Thank you.

Chapter 1


I walk through the halls of my high school, head down, aware of everything. My ears hurt with the noise. I can feel his eyes on the back of my neck, but i will not give him the satisfaction of seeing me cower. I can see his face in my mind. I can see his blazing blue eyes and dark hair falling over his eyes as he slapped me across the face and kicked me in the stomach. I can remember the bruises and broken ribs.
My trembling hand reaches toward my locker.
A finger taps me on the shoulder, and i jump with surprise and fright. I whirl around. A boy with light brown hair and kind hazel eyes staring at me. My racing heart slows down.
"I'm Kyle. Jen told me about you, and i thought that i'd just say hi. So . . . hi." He smiles shyly and looks at me more closely. "Is something wrong?"
I back up till my back hits my locker, trying to look casual. I flinch as his hand nears my face, but apparently he doesn't care. He touches my cheek, and his finger comes away with a mascara-darkened tear.
I try to avoid his questioning gaze. "So, are you sure that Jen was talking about me? Me? I'm Nikki."
He laughs nervously. With a last look at the tear on his finger, he wipes it on his shirt. "Yeah, she was talking about you. Why are you so upset?"
I shrug and fold my arms across my chest.
He stares at my wrist. "What is that?" He reaches for my hand.
I try hastily to cover up my finger-shaped bruises. But he's already grabbing my wrist and pulling back my sleeve. My bruises are revealed, trailing up and down my forearm. I should probably thank him for not being able to see the rest of my bruises.
I pull my arm back violently. I hit my elbow against my locker, also hitting a nasty bruise there. I stare at his horrified expression, tears brimming in my eyes.
I drop my bag and run. I run out of the school, aware of the questioning gazes of everyone else. I run through the woods and stop when i'm far enough away.
I drop to the ground and pull my knees up to my chest. I sob. I sob like i sob every time i'm beaten.
A branch cracks on the ground behind me. I quiet immediately. I knew it. I didn't want to believe that he'd be here, following me. I didn't want to believe that he was watching my every step, and listening to my every word.
I stand slowly and turn. All i can see are his eyes. His pale blue, murderous eyes. My lips tremble as i watch him walk toward me.
"Damian . . ."
I watch him lift his hand and stroke my hair. I shudder. "Nikki. You've been careless. You let him see your bruises. You and i are the only ones aloud to see your bruises. You know that."
I nod quickly. "I know. It was an accident. I'm sorry."
He stares at me disdainfully. "Accidents. They're always accidents." Then he leans toward me and kisses me. He sticks his tongue down my throat. I whimper, trying not to gag. He leans back from me and inspects my face. "If you step out of line again, you know what i'll have to do."
I nod again. I expect it when he backhands me across the face. I fall onto the ground by the force of it. He falls to his knees beside me and smiles. He digs his knee into my stomach. I tense the muscles, to try and prevent the pain, but he just digs his knee in harder.
"Stop!" I can hear the shout from behind us. I freeze. Nobody is supposed to see this. I pity whoever runs into Damian. I pity myself.
Damian raises a brow, then his eyes. I turn my head around. And i cry out, really not wanting this to happen . . . TBC

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