I Think I Love That Stupid Jerk...Draco! (Draco Malfoy Love Story)

Hey. This is my first story...so creative criticism is okay, just no bashing! Haha! Anyway. Comment pleeeaaasssseee! Rate, and favorite!! Hope you like it! :)

Chapter 1


Name- Saracrux Snape (pronounced like the name Sarah but take the end of horcrux and add it!.....i thought it sounded cool)

Nickname- Sara, Crux (only her father is aloud to call her that), or Snake.

Hair- Wavy, black, and always shiny

Eyes- Purple, if she is calm. But they change if she gets angry, orange to red depending on how angry she is.

Blood status- Pureblood

Year- 1st year (same as Draco and Harry)

Bestfriend- Silvia Steele

House- .......(You will find out in the story)


Ok, that was just the info. If I get enough feedback I will continue but if not, I won't. Anyway, hope you like it. And if you have ideas that you want to share, I would be happy to listen and consider them. :) Okay! So comment, rate, and favorite!! Oh, and friend request me!! :)

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