Meh Pibbles

I'm just gonna put their usernames and not nicknames cuz nicknames change (I should know XD) These are not necessarily in order either.**Note: This may change, so keep an eye out for it **

Chapter 2

Another friend XD

Brad: I'm glad to call him my boyfriend :) He's sweet, funny, perverted....all together supermagefoxyawesomehot. His nickname is Bra, cuz someone (I forget who) forgot the D in it, and then we started calling him that. I call him Bradness (no one else is allowed to!). He's amazing....I have no other words for him :) I loves yew Bradness! huggles Bradness really tight..

(Brad was a motherfucking fake. The world is so shiitty.)

hippofood (something like that....)
Kayla: This girl is a really good drawer (is that a word?). She glitters, I think, and is a jaguar. We have lots of fun times talking to each other. I'm sorry that I don't have any more to say, but that may be just cuz words don't decribe her :) Loves yew Kalya! huggles Kayla

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