Meh Pibbles

I'm just gonna put their usernames and not nicknames cuz nicknames change (I should know XD) These are not necessarily in order either.**Note: This may change, so keep an eye out for it **

Chapter 1

Loves Yew ♥

Sally: Easily my best girlfriend on here. Crazy, random, funny, just altogether totally awesome! It was our love for StarKid that brought us together in the beginning, but out friendship has really grown since then. She also has a weird obsession with Ken dolls and I forgot what she did. It wasn't shimmer...I don't rembr o.O Salleh, Harry Freakin Potter, Captain QueerBagle, My darling Stripper Shoe, I love you to death! Omfg, I almost forgot! Sally Pillowfort, my daughter! Whoa this whole thing was a bit random! Reminds me of you, Sally XD *huggles Sally*

Joe/Jow: This New Zealander (however you say it) is awesome as well. We have like 3 or 4 messages that we talk on, and in every single one, almost everything he says, makes me laugh, even if it's just a “ha!” or something. As required for my friends, he doesn't mind when we misspell his name with a W instead of an E. Sometimes people get confused when we call him two different names, Joe and Jow. He's Jow, the Dark Prince of Pillows! Mostly the reason why he's Prince and not King is because I declared myself Queen of Pillows and he didn't want to marry me so he gave up the throne to Dwight *snorts* I still love him to a million pieces tho! *huggles Jow*

Dwight: A huge loss to the female population, but he never believes it when anybody says he's hot, unless it's his boyfriend Sean. Yup, he's gay. I am thankful for the awkward silence that brought him into being (if you don't get that you have to be living under a rock). Probably my best gay friend. Well, the only gay friend that I talk to on a regular basis. I don't fit in with his group of friends, but for some reason he still talks to me. It was kinda awkward when I had a crush on him, but thankfully that blew over in like three days. Anywayz, Dwight is my Husband #1, my Pillowfort Husband. He makes a really bad father tho – he likes throwing babies out of windows. He's going to give his children brain damage if he keeps it up. Loves Yew, Dwightness! *huggles Dwight*

Bree: This girl is funneh, and her nickname from me is SpiderEater. One day I was talking to her, and then this HUGE spider starting crawling up the curtain by the computer. Like, HUGE. I'm not normally afraid of spiders, but this one was BIG. So I told her about it, and she was like “I'll Eat It” or something like that. Then she said she would eat my cow, but that's another story. I Love Making Fun Of Her Typing, And Only Her For Some Reason, Even Tho Some Of My Gay Friends Type Like This. I Kept Breaking Nails When I First Started Doing It, But Now The Nail On My Left Hand Ring Finger Isn't There Anymore. I'm Starting To Get A Callus Too...The Nail Won't Grow Back Either. Hmm, Curiouser And Curiouser. Love Yew SpiderEater! *huggles Bree*

Trevor: Trev's Husband #2, and he's also the House Elf in the Pillowforts, so it's AVPS all over again! That's part of the reason my favorite RolePlay character is Narcissa. We both love Breaking Benjamin, and we have the same fave songs by them: Dance With the Devil and Diary of Jane. Trev is awesome, funny, loads of things that I can't really rembr cuz I'm writing this at 2:50am :P I know I'm ''supposed'' to be tired, but I'm not.....Anywayz, Trevy made up the word tittle when he misspelled title, and I'm really surprised at how it caught on. He also twinkles. There's so much more to Trev than what I could put here tho. Love you Trevy! *huggles Trev*

PolyjuiceBrewer (I'm actually not sure if that's her user name or her nickname. I'm too lazy to check XD)
Julie/Jukie: Julie actually knows Trev in real life, which I'm kind of jealous about -- Julie had another typo name, Jukie. That was my fault. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm the one that makes most of our friends typo nicknames o.O Anyway, Jukie is a lot like Trevor; funny, weird, awesome....loads of things.She glistens, I think? I haven't known her for long, maybe a week, but I already love you like I've known you a while Jukie! *huggles Jukie*

Teagz/Yeagz: Teagz is in love with Brian Rosenthal, I swear. She thinks llamas are swexy too. Another typo nickname, Yeagz, again made by me. She's funny, know what? I'm using a lot of the same adjectives for everyone of my friends. Wow. Yeagz loves editing pictures too. She eats cheesecake, cuz I'm the one that sparkles. Yeagz, there's too much of you to describe (no that is not a fat joke). I loves Yew! *huggles Yeagz*


Skylar: He's The Last Unicorn, and not the one from the movies. Okay I don't really know much about the Last Unicorn business. Skylar used to have rainbow colored hair, which earned him the title of Unicorn in the Pillowforts, but then he dyed it a brownish color so he changed it to the Last Unicorn. Or something like that. There's still some color left in his hair tho....Okay, enough about his hair. I haven't really talked to Sky for a while, but I'll try to put what I know here. He's another loss to the females (hot gay guys....SO UNFAIR!) I just realized that he probably didn't know that I thought he was hot o.O ''Awkward.'' I think I'll just stop here before I embarrass myself [inside voice named Toby: even more than you have?] (Oh shut up Toby!) Loves Yew Skylar! *huggles Sky*

Pierce: This Frenchie is the only reason I know how to spell pierce. I used to always mix up the E and the I....but I know better now. He's the Prom Queen, which Dwight killed a million times cuz he kept getting knocked up, and Dwight didn't want Lacey to know that he was cheating....Inside jokes are funny. I got to be Maury for a bit, which Dwight found funny somehow o.O Anyway, I believe Pierce is gay too, but since I'm too lazy to check I don't rembr if he's going out with anybody. He has magical French powers ooooh XD I'm so stupid sometimes. Pierce's been sick and hasn't been getting on much lately, so I haven't been able to talk to him much. Loves Yew Anyway Pierce! *huggles Pierce*

SillyLittleWhore (or something like that)
Raqui: Don't call him Ricky. Ricky's a stupid name, we both agree. Raquimess hasn't been getting on much either, so I haven't been able to talk to him much. He hates stupid people, which we had a whole conversation about once. He's also bi, and of I currently know, single. Is it weird that I'm giving their relationship statuses? I can remove them, if the people I gave them want me to, just ask. Anyway, he's in a band that I forgot the name of...Little Known Touch or something. There's a picture of him and a guitar in his album. His hair looks pretty cool in it. *facepalm* I get so easily distracted, don't I? See, I just did it again! I'm sorry. Loves Yew Raquimess! *huggles Raqui*

gurlnextdoor (I think...)
Chery5l: My fellow Blonde Blocker, Chery5l. She's the Chief Ninja of the Dark Side, and I'm the Chief Spartan. Together we protect the Dark Side from people, aka Blondes, that believed that we really had cookies! She's always drinking a Blondie Blast, ironically. She owes me one too. Oh, and Chery5l, good job on hitting your neighbor's window with a flat volleyball! Lolz. We shall also be mustache buddies! Mwahahaha Blimey, look at the time. It's 3:46am now. Seems I'm pulling an all nighter just to write this! Now, if only I was able to get on the Internet.... -
-. I'm sorry, distracted again. Loves Yew Chery5l! *huggles Cher*

Ellie: Her username is nothing like herself. Ellie is not that girly. She's Bristish (yes Bristish! It's an insider...) but doesn't use Bristish words, cuz she knows that we Americans don't know that she means Band Aid when she says plaster. How does plaster sound more natural (or whatever) than Band Aid? Ow, what did I just step on?! Oh, a CD. I need to pick those up soon....Ugh off topic ''again.'' Ellie is my Drunk Captain Elenor Rose. She's not always drunk, just every other day, but she falls a lot. Lol unless you're in The Crew you guys wouldn't get that. I'm the Rope! Okay, a little off topic again. Ellie is just awesome, and funny. She shimmers. Loves Yew Ellie! *huggles Ellie*

I probably have a bunch more friends that I could add on here, but for now this is all I can think of. I love you guys!

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