The Man in the Pink Sunglasses (A Darren Criss Love Story)

The Man in the Pink Sunglasses (A Darren Criss Love Story)

Hello people of quibblo. I am sure you are all aware of the man in the pink sunglasses. The one and only Darren Criss!!! (also if u didn't know its in the title so i sort of gave it away :P) Here is my love story!! PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT!!!!
Luv you guys!!

Chapter 1

Character Descriptions

by: Starkid27
Hey btw this is just to introduce you to the characters!!!

Name - Kate Alice Miller (main character)
Nickname(s) - Katie or Kay
Age - 22
Appearance - Brown Wavy Hair, Blue Eyes, Pale Skin, Average Height
Personality - Bubbly/Hyper, Fun, Always Happy, Friendly, Great Friend, Caring, Smart, Funny, Can be Sarcastic
Family - Ash:Older Sister, Jess: Fraternal Twin, Dave: Dad, Hayley: Mum, Chris and Ryan: Little Brothers (both knowingly adopted), Ash and Jess: BFF's :P
Likes - STARKID, animals, sketching, acting, dancing, especially singing, Pop indie and alternative music, Glee, musical theater, anything chocolate, redvines, hats, ties :P
Dislikes - Metal music, Bugs(apart from ladybugs:P), vegetables, mean people, Justin Beiber (sorry Justin Beiber fans)
Instrument(s) - Guitar and Piano

Name - Jess Laurel Miller
Age - 22
Appearance - Brown Curly Hair, Greeny Brown Eyes, Pale Skin, Kind of Short
Personality - (same as Kate)
Family - (Same as Kate)
Likes - STARKID, Same music as Kate, dancing, singing, especially acting, Glee, musical theater, Chocolate, Redvines, hats, ties, Justin Beiber
Dislikes - Metal Music, Mean People, Maths, Planes
Instrument(s) - Piano

Name - Ash Skye Miller
Age - 24
Appearance - Brown Straight Hair, Blue Eyes, Pale Skin, Kind of Short
Personality - Competitive, Fun, Tech Geek(kinda), Can be hyper, Always Happy, Great Friend, Caring, Friendly, Smart, Can be Sarcastic, Funny, Laid Back, Can be sarcastic
Family - (Same as Kate)
Likes - STARKID, Musical Theater, Every type of music, Redvines, Ice-Cream, Acting, Singing, especially dancing, Glee, animals
Dislikes - Mean People, Justin Beiber, Work, Getting up early
Instrument(s) - Guitar

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