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Hey!:D i'm sorry about the old jacob black story. I didn't have anymore ideas for it. IF you liked the other one. Message me some ideas and I'll keep doing it. I know this story sucks but be nice:D comment and rate please:D Aslso I wanted to start off of telling who she is and like the guys being werewolf's and everything. thank you and enjoy

Chapter 1

5 stars if you like tall tan muscular guys!:D

"You know what Jake from all the guys I've known, you are such a player," Jake shoved me into the sand
"Jake!" I said throwing sand at him
"I'm not a player!" he said laughing, showing his pearly whites
"Okay your not a player. . . Your a h0e" I got up and tried to run away from. Like I said tried. He tackled me into the sand. I barely started to hang out with Jacob last month. He's a cool guy. Very outgoing. I don't see him like any other girl does. I see him just as a friend. One because he's such flirt. Not like a pimp, but occasionally. I make fun of him all the time. He treats me like one of the guys. I think it's cool. We started to hang out when I helped his friend , our friend, Embry when his car broke down and I pulled over to help him (My father is such a grease monkey. He taught me everything about cars) But he already called Jacob to help, but i kept insisting and he let me. When Jacob arrived I was already driving off. Embry introduced me to Jacob at school. since then I hanged out with all the guys. Paul, Quil, Jared, Seth, Embry, and Jacob.I like them all, they treat me like a little sister, except Jacob. The only thing I didn't like about them was that they always were burning hot! I liked it when I was really cold, but other days. I kept my distance. Jacob was about 6'5. All the guys were. It was unbelievable, but it was possible
"Really Jake!" I said laughing.
"Al, your calling me names!" He said helping wipe off the sand off my light blue tank top.
"You deserve to be called names!" I said kissing him on the cheek. No one knew how Jacob and i really were. We never go on dates with anyone. No one really wanted to be with us.
I think our relationship is funny. Were friends, but we like to play with each other. We never act like that in front of people only when were alone. We don't do anything kinky or like other girls imagine too, but we just kiss each other on the cheek neck forehead. It's like we appreciate each other in a way. We get closer and closer every day. Even thought I just want to be friends. I know it's impossible just to be friends with Jacob.

He warms my heart. To be honest, I get jealous when he flirts with girls. It aggravates me. When I said 'no one wants to be with us'. It's true, but i wanted to be with Jacob. It's a whole different story. A lot of girls want to be with Jacob, but no one catches his eyes. Neither do I. I hate it though. I always want to tell Jacob that I want him to be mine. I just hate that i'm not women enough to say it. He sets the fire in my heart! He's my sun within the darkness. If i could only tell him.
"If you were just a friend, I would of just broke your arm. Since your my friend with benefits, I'll accept it," He said laughing
"We are not friend with benefits;Nasty!" I got up laughing and wiping the sand off my butt
"Need help?" he said reaching to help but I smacked his hand away.
"Your such a guy!" I said shoving his head away with a big push and laughed and ran into the ocean and took off my tank top and dropping it in before I got in. I ducked in when a wave came. I got up and my torso was under the water. I saw Jake coming into the ocean. He already had his shirt off. Conceited prick. Jacob was at my side now. He splashed me with water and picked me up by my thighs and I wrapped my arms around his neck as he carried me a little deeper into the water. Jacob kissed my neck. I laughed and pulled his hair to pull his head back and kissed his neck.
We were still in the water He was caring me the whole time while i splashed water on is face,. When i did that he would squeezed my thighs and bit his lips when i'll scream and punch him. He was bending down and laid my body on top of the water. He was making me float. He was holding small part of my back and another on my thighs. I got up and jumped on Jacobs shoulders trying to drown him. I always have to try. He got me from behind and threw me over his shoulder. He was walking back to the shore. i was wearing my black and white crossed bikini and Jacob was wearing his grey shorts. He looked nice in them. I slapped his but and he putt me down laughing
"Why did you do that?" he said grinning but kept his hands on my shoulders. I bit my lip and tried to look dumb
"Big booty," I said and duck and ran to get my tank top and put it on. I hung to my half thigh. Jacob came walking up to me
"I like that color on you" I blushed really bad and I turned around and started to walk when I bumped into a wall. Well, I thought it was a wall, but it was really Paul.
"Hey there" He said helping me from the ground. I heard Jacob giggling like a 3 year old.
"Hello wall" He grinned at me and put his shoulder around me. Jacob giggling stopped and looked at Paul; who dropped his arm as soon as his eyes meet Jacobs.
"Jacob, Sam wants you at his house asap" he said pinching my back, I slapped his arm. He kept pinching me, laughing at my reaction to every single pinch he gave me. Jacob didn't like it when the guys touched me. I thought of it as revenge for him flirting with girls. He was the Cutest thing I saw when he was jealous.
"Alright, let me drop off Alyson and I'll be over as fast as I can"
"It's okay, Sam doesn't need me, i'll take her" Paul leaned down for I can jump on his back. I grabbed on tight.
"Sure sure" He said looking at me. I rested my head on Paul's shoulder. Jacob went up to the shore when he looked back, I looked into his chocolate almond brown eyes. That was the last day I saw Jacob before he went missing.

"Aly, he's fine" Seth said. Since Jake left everybody didn't talk to each other much. Seth was always with me. I was happy I had him. He was such I cool, energetic kid. The others went their ways. Embry kept in touch for a day and then we wouldn't hear for him in a while. Jared was with Kim all the time. Quil was at Sam and Emily's place half of the time. Paul was with his new girlfriend Rachel, Jacobs sister. She came down when she heard Jacob went missing. La Push has been lonely with the boys not around together.
"He's been gone for 2 months already Seth" I put my head back into my knees.
"Jake's a big boy, he wouldn't want you to be sad. I bet he would want you to be walking around meeting people"
"Seth! Your making it seem like if he died!" I yelled, Seth jumped, "I'm sorry" I covered my mouth
"It's okay, i know your sad, but yo9u need to cheer up!" I let go of my mouth
"Jacob will come back! your crying here for no reason!" I turned my head the other way to not look at Seth
"I'm sorry" After I broke the 10 minute silence
"It's okay, but please for your sake, be happy!" He gave me his most adorable puppy eyes. I wiped the last tear sheading from my face.
"Okay!" I said smiling the biggest smile I ever put on my face
"There you go! Let's go" He jumped off my queen sized bed. I lived on my own now. ??My parents were happy that I was moving on with my life at 16 years old. They come everyday to see me. so it's like I never left my parent house. They live in forks I live in La Push.
"Where are we going?" i asked Seth jumping off the bed.
"Your going to kill me, but He wanted it this way" Wtf? what was Seth talking about? who wanted it this way?
"Nothing!" He dragged me down the stairs and out to the garage and drove down the familiar road. i heard music being blast from a football field away. Someones having a party. My heart dropped. Jacobs house.
"Don't be sad, c'mon" Seth got out of the car and I followed him.
We walked to the back yard to see everyone there. Paul, Kim ,Rachel, Jared, Quil, Sam, Embry, Emily, Billy, and Leah. They were all talking and eating hot dogs. Cliche.
"Hey! Don't eat them all, leave some for me" Seth yelled at the guys. These guys should go into a hot dog eating contest. Bet you one of them will win a record.
"Hey! there's one more person here. Sharing is caring!" I paused when i heard that familiar husky voice. He touched my shoulders and kissed the top of my head.
"Jacob?" I said looking at his beautiful tan face.
"Hey" he smiled his beautiful white pearls. Then the anger ran through my veins. i socked him the gut. It was hard. He looked at me confused. I got up from the chair and hug Jacob.
"That's what I was looking for" I could smell the dirt and leaves off of him.
"Where have you been!" I asked. Everyone was still talking among themselves. Like if Jacob never left.
"You never left" I felt my heart drop. He was avoiding me.
"We need to talk alone" He whispered into my ear. He grabbed my hand and took my to the beach.
"Tell me" I said stopping in front of him
"I think you already know" He said grabbing hand, intertwining out fingers together. i took a deep breath
"You left me, without a word, you knew ou ere going to leave" I said letting go of his hand
"Not even close" He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me close
"Then what?" I said breathing heavily feeling the heat between our body. I thought i was going to start sweating like a pig.
"I left for you safety" He said kissing the top of my head
"Safety? There's no safety between me and you" i said smiling against his chest. He felt it.
"There is now. Sam said iw as getting to close. I agreed" My smiled faded. He felt that too
"You left"
"I never left I was always here. I just was never around were you were. No, i'm lying I was always around somewhere. Just unnoticeable"
"You jerk!" I said backing up away from him
"Come here! wow you haven't seen me in 2 months" He said giggling when he pulled me into his chest again. I kept trying to get away.
"You always saw me!" I said still trying to get out of his arms. He let me fall from his arms to the ground but he kept hold of me so i wouldn't fall to hard. He got on top of me and kiss my neck. His breath was so hot.
"I'm sorry, i did everything for you" He slid over to my right side and plopped on his left arm. My breathing was getting into its range.

Please read this story I know it's not all that good but please comment and rate. I promise It will get better

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