Never Say Never~A Justin Bieber Love Story~Chapter 21

Chapter 1

Chapter 21

The next morning I looked at the clock and it was 10:45am. Then I got up but then I relized that I was in the nude so I got a blanket and got clothes and went and took a shower. When I got out I found justin layin on the bed with his boxers on.
Mia-Hey babe.
Mia-Do we have a concert?
Justin-Nope its a free day.
Mia-So what do u what to do.
Justin-walks over to mia Well how about what we did last night kisses neck
Mia-Maybe another time but not now.
Justin-Let's explore San Diego
Mia-Justin we've been San Diego before
Justin-I know
Mia-Fine! Go get dressed
Justin-Okay kisses Mia
After about an hour later he was done and he came into the living room dressed with a towel wraped around his head.
Mia-Justin what's with the towel?
Justin-I need to use your hair dryer.
Mia-Its in the smallest bag in the closet beside the big one.
Justin-Okay thanks babe! kisses Mia
Ten minutes later Justin was done but couldn't find his shoes abd then it took twenty minutes to find his shoes.
Mia-Are you finally ready!?
Justin-Yea. Let's go get everyone!
We went to their room which was right across from ours and knocked on the door. When the door opened we saw Camille.
Camille-Hello mellow!
Mia-Nice Cami!
Camille-I know! So what can I do for you mama Mia?
Mia-Where going to shop around San Diego. So tell them to get ready to go.
Camille-Well we are all dressed except for Ryan cause he can't find his shoes.
Mia-Wow Justin had the same problem this morning.
Ryan-shouting I FOUND MY SHOES!!!
Mia-also shouting CONGRATS RYAN!!!!!
Ryan-comes to door Hey Mia, Justin
M&J-Hey Ry!
Camille-Babe go get everyone
When we all were ready went out of the hotel and started to shop around San Diego. There wasn't a lot of people that reconized us but there were quite a few. By the time we were done shopping it was almost 8.
Mia-Guys let's go its almost 8
Peyton-Wow we shopped a lot
Ryan-Well you guys don't have to carry the bags
Camille-Well how about we make it up to you guys
Nikki-Yea we will do anything you guys wanna do
Mia-We can't do it tomorrow cause we are leaving that morning then we are going to Phoenix, Arizonia.
Chaz-Then when we get to Phoenix you girls will start doin what we want
Mia-Alright now let's go back to the bus cause we are going out to eat some where fancy
Justin-How do u know?
Mia-Liam just text me
Then we all walked out the mall and into the car. When we got back on the bus we were told not to dress fancy any more because its pointless or something like that I wasn't paying attention. We went to eat at Olive Garden then we went back to the bus and went to sleep. Now we are on our way to Phoenix!
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