The Untouchables

My name's Emily. Going into high school might seem normal, but what happens to me and my friends is extra-ordinary.
I want to dedicate this story to Rachael and Christopher, who actually helped me (Emily) write this story. Thanks for helping guys!

Chapter 1

The Day Before High School

by: Kay13
It's almost the first day of high school. That's tomorrow. I'll worry about that when it comes. Right now, I'm meeting my friends at my elementary school, Susick. I'm riding my bike.
Me-Bye Mom!
Mom-Where are you going honey?
Mom-Be back by 9! You need to get to bed early!
Me-Yes Mom!
I took off down the street. Turning, turning...
Me-Oh, hey Simas! Ready for tomorrow?
Simas-Totally! You?
Me-Yeah! See you then!
Turning, turning, there's Christopher, Rachael (her hair's red!), and Tina!
Me-Hey guys!
I threw my bike to the side.
Me-What're we gonna do?
Tina-Talk about schedules! We need to know!
I smiled. My friends are so funny. Lol.


OMG! High school! I'm so glad I'm done with eighth grade. Expecially since I can hang out with Emily and Tina and Christopher and Ann. Plus, I'm lucky Emily decided to go to Sterling instead of Mott. she said her Mom said to go to Sterling. I wonder if Owen will come to Sterling...
Time to wonder later. time to have fun now! :D When Emily got to Susick today we acted normal. Emily didn't know we still had one birthday surprise. :)
Chris-Emily, let's go to the back of the school.
So we hopped on our bike and rode to the back of the school.
Me-Do you like it?
Emily-It's amazing!
Haha we sure did surprise her. We decorated the ENTIRE back of the school for her birthday and the start of school tomorrow.
Her face-priceless. I love doing that to her. She has many face expressions.
Party time!

Lol! Emily's face was awesome. I knew she was wondering why we were dressed so nicely. Of course for the party. I could see the confusion when she jumped off her bike.
Anyway, we jumped off our bikes. It looked like it was going to rain. Uh-oh! So even though I was worried, we played Lava Monster. It was funny. Tina couldn't get Rachael. Rachael was just too fast.
Emily just kept going into laughing fits, which caused us to laugh too. Even when it started raining, she laughed. I had to pull her under part of the school where we wouldn't get wet. When we were all under, she started laughing. Lol.
Rach-This isn't funny! We got this all ready, then it rained! Plus now everyone who came is going home!
She frowned.
Emily-All I need for my birthday is to be with you guys
We all group hug. Then it stopped raining and everyone came back.


After it stopped raining, and it got really late, Rachael went to hang out with Emily and Christopher with Owen. I stayed with Ann. She came late. Anyway, I saw Christopher staring at Rachael sometimes. God they've been going out forever but he never has the nerve to kiss her in front of alot of people. Hobo. Lol.
Just as the sky went dark from the setting sun, Christopher went to Rachael and kissed her. Everyone went silent. All of a sudden there was cheering. soon everyone was whooping and high-fiveing Christopher. The only silent person was Rachael. Only because she fainted. Haha sucks for her.
Chris-Rachael get up c'mon.
emily-Rach, get up please we need you alive you know.
Owen-What they said get up.
When we got Rachael up she realized everyone was watching her.
Rach-Oh god how long--
Me-Only five minutes.
Rachael let out an embarrased laugh.
Hobo. :)


Rachael was out for like five minutes. Lucky. After she fainted everyone started whooping and cheering. It was so annoying. And I think Tina saw me staring at Rachael before... you know.
Anyway, after that, everyone left. That-you know...sorta ended the party. Hehe.
But we stayed. To talk and stuff. Yeah. Emily's mom then called. Said she had to go home. :(
Emily-You guys wanna come home with me?
Tina-I gotta go home. Mom's orders.
I knew she wanted to go home with Emily because she was still a little nervous-I don't know why.
Me-Sure, I guess but I can't stay for long.
Emily-Cool, Owen, Ann?
Ann-Naw, I had to beg to get out here, she won't let me.
Owen-Sure. Mom said to just get back or go to school. she didn't care.
Emily's mom called. Again. Emily said some friends were coming over.
Emily-Let's go.

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