When I Look At You......(Ron Weasley Love Story)

This Is My First Story:) Hope You Like! And Pleasze Fogive My Spelling I'm Pretty Horrible At It!!

Important Info: Her Mom Is Nymphadora, She Is Name After Her. Bellatrix Killed Her Mom

Song For The Story: When I Look At You By Miley Cyrus

Chapter 1

Introducing The Main Character

Name: Nymphadora Lupin

Nicknames: Nymph, Adora, Nym, Lupin, Little Tonk

Bloood Status: Half-Blodd

Year: 5th

House: Gryffindor

Mother: Nymphadora Lupin/Tonk

Father: Remus Lupin

Sibling: Teddy Lupin, 3rd Year Gryffindor

She is a Metamorphmagus like her mom

Natural Eye Color: Green

Natural Hair Color: Mousy Brown

Fav. Hair Color: Purple

Fav. Eye Color: Green(Natural)

Looks exactly like her mom

Wand: 12 1/4, Ash Wood, Unicorn Hair Core

Patronus: Lion

Bio: Her mom was killed by Bellatrix when Nymph was twelve. She is loking for revenge, even if it kills her. She is exactly like her mom, and has a little bit of her dad. She was really close to her mom, after her dead she changed a lot. Everybody sees her mom in her. Like she doesn't like to be called Nymphadora neither, she preffers Lupin or Little Tonks. She loves it when they compare her to her mom. She is verry overprotective of her little brother and she treats people likt they treat her.

Friends: Harry, Ginny, Fred, George, Luna, Neville, Seamus and Dean

Best Friend: Ron

Likes: To have fun and enjoy herself.

Dislikes: People disrespecting her friends and family, especially her mom. People making fun of her

(This Is Only The Character Info First Chapter Will Be Out Soon)

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