George Weasley and Fred Weasley Love story 5 READ INTRO

I posted this up a couple of days ago but my computer messed it up so i'll try and remember as much as i can but everyone who's read it should read again in case i've added bits in. Also to make it easier your name is Veronica but people call you Vex (just so it's easier to wirte and less confusing than ---)
ps I know there's not much romance in the Goerge one but I need to set the story for the next chapter

Chapter 1

Boys are from Mars and women are from Venus!

Iwoke up the next day and did my usual morning routine then headed down to breakfast. I refused to remember the pain Cedric had caused so I sat wiht my back to the Ravenclaw and hufflepuff table. This unfortunatley gave me a view of Malfoy grouping Pansy under the table but it was better than seeing Ced- Diggory!
Fred and George sat opposite me and they immediatly knew that something was up.
"Vex are you okay?" Fred asked.
"Fine why?"
"Well we were thinking of turning the hufflepuff broms into bats before their qudditch practice want in?" Fred said.
"Cool go for, bagsy the seeker's broom but we should destroy it after!"
"What did Diggory do?"George asked.
"He did something because you're not looking at him, your allowing us to prank him and you want to join in which you never do and after you went to meet him last night you just ran off to your dormitory straight after." The twins knew me too well.
"I saw him snogging Cho Chang by the lake last night." The twins remained silently. Fred looked taken aback but something about George made it seem that he knew this was goning to happen. An awkard silence occured before Fred said:
"George I think we have our new target."
"Fred I couldn't agree more"
I left the twins to plot amongst themselves as I headed to care of magical creatures. Not many people had chosen it for newt level but in made it even better. Hagrid was actually quite a good teacher when he had enthusiastic pupils who wanted to learn. And at newt level the range of creatures we saw was so much more cooler.
I hoped one day that I could open my own petshop on diagon alley or become a care of magical creatures teacher. With the pet shop idea I could open my shop up next to the Weasley's and we could maybe run a joint bussiness. Who am I kidding? we'll never get the money for it but it's nice to imagine.
In the class we looked at blast ended skwerts, it wasn't my favourite creature but it put me in a good mood.... until I remembered I had herbology next with Diggory.
I entered the room like normal and took my place shooting daggers at Diggory. I hoped Cedric would get the message and not sit next to me. He did not and sat right next to me.
"I do not want to hear it Diggory" I say as codly as I can muster.
"Oh Diggory someone's mad"
"I wonder why that is?" I reply sarcastically.
"Listen I don't know why you came down to the lake last night but-"
"Why? Because you invited me you swine!" OMG! I sound like professeur Snape.
"I didn't invite you."
"Well that makes it so much better."
"Look Vex I want you back Cho was a mistake and is nothing compared to you." He looked me straight in the face and I could tell he was being honest but it didn't change anything. "Look I know I have to earn your trust back but if you want to know who gave you that note and who you can trust I suggest you talk to your best -------"
He was cut off by the thick sludge running down his face. It was dripping down the ceiling and I could see the tell tale hair of Fred and George's through the window running away.
The sludge soon engulfed Cedric and froze and he was stuck in the spot. Another Weasley Wizard Wheezes.
I laughed so hard that tears streamed down my eyes. To top it off at dinner I slipped some puking pastels into Cho's drink and she was throwing up all over the table. Priceless.
That little stunt got me detention with Umbridge but i didn't mind. I didn't tell George or Fred about it as I knew they would worry because everyone knew what she did in dentions but overall it was a good day.

I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep so I headed down to the commen room and stared into the fire.
"What keeps you up at this time of night?"
"Hi Fred"
"Wow, how did you know it was me?"
"I've know you for what? the whole of my life I think I know what you sound like." He plonked himself on the couch next to me and I leaned my head on his shoulder.
"Couldn't sleep?" He asked and I just nodded my head. Thinking I could fall asleep now on Fred but I knew I couldn't he had a girlfriend. "Sorry to hear about you and Cedric."
"Don't be I like someone else but I'm too late.. wait you just called him Cedric?" I lift my head and look into his eyes.
"I don't hate him now."
"What changed your mind?"
"You not dating him" He said with a smirk creeping onto his lips. "Now who's this new boy you fancy so I can start hating him"
"It doesn't matter" I get up off the sofa and start to head back to my dorm. He grabs my wrist and turns me around.
"I'm always here for you, you know that?"
"Yeah I know, night Fred."
I walk upstaris and lie on my bed thinking why would he hate Cedric for dating me. Does he like me? please like me.
With that on my mind I fall asleep with the warm tingling sensation in my worst for where Fred held me for those few prescious seconds.

Fred POV
Damn it Fred!!! You had your chance and you missed it. There she was. You were by yourself and she admitted that she liked someone else and that she was too late. You fit in that catergory but no all you could come up with is the cheesy line "well tell me who it is so i can hate them now" well something along those lines. Idiot!!!!
I went back to bed and fell asleep with the nice warm tingling sensation on my shoulder and hand where me and Vex touched and for once I slept well.

kk:I know I'm cheesy but hope you like it, please comment


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