Chosen(Tom Felton Love story)

I love Tom Felton and his accent so I wrote a story:)

The title is crap, so I'm open to suggestions:)

Chapter 1

by: Teagzi
Light flooded through the trees surrounding us, hitting Xavier's blonde hair on a perfect angle, lighting up his hair like a halo. I stood about a meter behind him as he lunged at Astoria, the original vampire, the one who started the plaque of vampires, with the stone dagger in hand. As it Xavier plunged it into her heart and Astoria and I collapsed.

Xavier ran to my side and lifted my head into his lap, "Cece, what’s happening?! You‘re not- I mean you can‘t!" and he stared deep into my eyes, his filling with tears.

"I told you, Xavier, once you kill Astoria all the other vampires would die along with her and since I’m still alive, it means you’re not finished! Go burm her." I said, I looked over to Astoria’s body to make sure she wasn’t moving and then relaxed into his lap preparing for death.

"Hey, you let me call you Cece- Wait burm?" and then Tom laughed, moving out of his character, Xavier, and I rolled on my tummy to join in with his laughter, changing back to myself.

"Cut! Isla! This is the third time you have made us stop rolling for you! We’ll take a break you three, practise!" our director yelled pointing to Tom, Elena and I. Sure blame me, I’m just the little unknown name, famous Tom didn’t do anything wrong by stopping the scene or anything. Gods directors are dumb sometimes.

"What a screw up!" Elena laughed at me from where she was sitting, changing from Astoria to herself.
"Shush!" I said back crawling over to her to playfully punch her arm.

"I can't wait until we finish for the night and get to change…" Elena said fiddling with the lacy stuff at the bottom of her old-fashioned, dark red and black dress.

A few hard, long hours later we were allowed to change and go home. Elena was glad that she was allowed out of the constricting dress, Tom was glad he was allowed to take of the make up and I was glad I could go sleep.

AN: So what do ya think? Good? A word that sounds like sit?

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