Soo... Bye. Please read.

Soo... Bye. Please read.

You MUST know I rarely put anything of use in these things.

Chapter 1

Hm. Well, You've been great friends, but I no longer use this site for my writing.

I have moved to a site call 'wattpad', an uncensored version of quib, I suppose. It has more stories of my interest and isn't a social site, which quibblo appears to have turned into more or less. I'll still occasionally come on, but don't expect anymore stories from me. See ya. If anyone wants to contact me elsewhere, msg me.... Bai~

Oh!! If you would like to read my new shiit, the link iss...

Another thing.... I admit it. I'm a yaoi fan (boyXboy, slash... Yeah) So, if this surprises you... Sorry?


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