How I Met Him

This is a story about how my character Alexis meets Michael through her friend Britney. Some chapters will start with a diary entry and some won't The setting is when Alexis and Britney are in the mall and they spot michael in a jacket store, then the next day, Alexis spots him in school. The story will be in various locations. If you have any ideas for the following chapters, please message me. Even though i probably won't need that much help.

Chapter 1

Breakfast With Britney

by: Icecreag
Dear Diary

I am so excited about today! Today, me and britney are going to the mall and getting everything that we will need for school.

While we are getting stuff for school, we are going to look at guys (well, at least i'm going to be looking at guys, britney isn't, because she already has a boyfriend, who she doesn't even want to tell me about)

They have been dating for a few months now, and she hasn't even told me his name! She has a picture of him (she's told me this) but she keeps the picture hidden away from me, which isn't really fair, but i guess she doesn't want me to find out, because she thinks i will make a big deal about it, which i will, but still.

Anyway, one day, maybe today, if i get lucky, i am finally going to see him. Britney has told me that he is absolutely gorgeous, which makes me want to meet him even more.

Well, i better go downstairs and fix our favorite breakfast dish:pancakes and bacon. Britney loves it! She even saves the bacon for last, just like me! Me and her are like sisters!

(End of diary entry)

I get dressed in a cute top with kermit the frog on it (don't laugh, unless you like the Muppets) a pair of jeans, and put on some shoes that i wore to school last year.

I go downstairs and cook our breakfast while britney is sleeping upstairs in my room (She slept over, because she didn't want me to have to wait for her to come over, even though she lives right next door, but she kind of takes forever to get ready, mainly because she can never decide what she wants to wear)

I sat the pancakes and bacon down on the table, along with two glasses of orange juice.

I hear the bedroom door open, and i immediately see britney coming down the stairs.

Me:"Morning sleepy head"

Britney:"Morning bestie! Awww! You fixed me breakfast! You are so sweet!"

She was still in her pj's which is normal, because she always gets dressed after she eats, because she doesn't wanting her clothes to get messy.

Me:"So, you excited about today?"
Britney:" I am super excited! I can't wait to get all of our new clothes and supplies, especially since we get discounts!"


Me and britney each work at the mall. We work as clerks and our boss is sweet, but she is also a little strict. She doesn't like it when her employees are late, but me and britney have never been late for work, so that pretty much makes her like us. We work at various stores at different times of the day. We work at "Macy's" because we reallly like the clothes and shoes during the day, and at night, we work at at another store that sells supplies for everything.

We rarely get days off for the weekend, but because we have practically worked our buts off, our bosses let us have the day off today.

Me:"So, when am i going to get the chance to see your boyfriend?"
Britney:" Um, i think today at the mall, because i was on the phone with him last night, and he said that he had to get some new jackets and other stuff, so we might see him there."

I almost choke on my orange juice

Me:"Are you serious?"
Britney:"Yes i really am!"
Me:" Awesome!"
Britney:"Promise me you won't freak out when you see him?"
Me:"I promise, i just want to see what he looks like, and hopefully i can hear his voice as well.

Britney:"He does have a really sweet voice."

She turns her head towards the TV as if she wants to watch it.

I turn on the tv, and i see....

/HAHA! Cliffhanger! I love these! Okay, the next chapter will bt out soon, but it probably won't be until after my birthday, and when school starts, it will be even harder for me to write it, but i'll inform you guys before school starts back.

Britney, i hope you enjoy this! You are really my best friend! The rest of you guys are also my best friend, but i've put britney in this story, so i have to give a shout-out out to her. I love you guys!

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