Some Random Poetry....

Here is some random poetry by Me. Please rate and comment. :)

Chapter 1

Christmas Snow in Ivy's point of view

Do you see the snow falling down?
By my side and along the ground?
Dancing in the midnight air
I love to watch you tumble down.

You were my winter,
My winter love to escape to.
You were falling fast
But my spirits soared even higher.

The summer comes and makes you go,
I miss you dearly.
But I"ll see you again some day
Dancing in the Winter Wind.

I've seen you since I was a child,
Waiting for that chilly night,
Were I could go and see you
Dancing in the Frosted Wood.

Rescue me from the Land of Men.
I could be with you for life.

But no you say,
I must stay right here
You say that Wintery day will come
Where you'll wisk me me away
To your home made of Ice and Snow.

Safe from Man's cruel hearts,
Please take my forth please my dear
Wintery, loving dear friend.

But you replied I must wait until
I am 18.

Then I'll go to your home atlast
Atlast I'll be your Summer Girl.

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